Non-Dairy Milk Maker Updated

When we first went dairy-free more than 20 years ago, we used soy milk as that was the most widely available… [more]

Non-Dairy Milk Maker Updated Non-Dairy Milk Maker Updated

Review: Waffle Molds Plus a Recipe

Baked waffles?  Seriously? Yes you can bake waffles. I don't like to use non-stick coatings (except… [more]

Review: Waffle Molds Plus a Recipe Review: Waffle Molds Plus a Recipe

Review: Old Fashioned Oven Stick and Giveaway

I have a love-hate relationship with my oven. I love to bake and cook, but I have burned my arms and… [more]

Review: Old Fashioned Oven Stick and Giveaway Review: Old Fashioned Oven Stick and Giveaway

Review: Breville Countertop Smart Oven

Countertop convection ovens / toaster ovens are extremely popular for many excellent reasons. They: are… [more]

Review: Breville Countertop Smart Oven Review: Breville Countertop Smart Oven

A Few of My Favorite Things – Kitchen Tools

As I write this post, I am breaking into song using my best Julie Andrews voice, "These are a few of… [more]

A Few of My Favorite Things – Kitchen Tools A Few of My Favorite Things - Kitchen Tools

Non-Dairy Milk Maker Updated

SoyaJoy G4

When we first went dairy-free more than 20 years ago, we used soy milk as that was the most widely available and most recommended. I began making soy milk at home and tried many methods, which were time-consuming, messy and not much fun, especially with young children to care for. I finally found the quickest, easiest and […]

What’s On The Menu?

Slowcooker bread 4

What’s on the menu today at your house? We are having: Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs Teriyaki Mashed potatoes Roasted broccoli Slow Cooker Whole Grain Bread *The numbers in the recipes below correspond to products purchased from Azure Standard natural foods. Place the item number in the Search box. Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken You won’t believe this […]

Diligent Shopping December Day One

Happy December 1st!

It’s December! Halleluyah! A new month filled with hope possibilities, holidays, faith, family, food and fun! We just finished No-Shopping November, where we did not shop at ALL (except for a turkey) and ate completely from food storage. You can read all the posts here, last posts are listed at the top. I have the […]

No-Shopping November Day Thirty

Baked whole wheat potato knishes

Here we are, Day Thirty. At the beginning, this No-Shopping November seemed a daunting task and a long one. Happily, it turned out to be neither. Yes, there were some ups and downs, but for the most part the family handled it well, were supportive and appreciative and stuck by the rules (NO shopping!). They didn’t […]

No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Nine


Day Twenty-Nine! Can you believe it? I can’t. It’s gone by so fast! We’re still in the throes of Thanksgiving food and it looks like we’re going to eat it all, rather than canning it, which is fine with me Getting ready for son’s surgery, I have a lot to do, so enjoying the simplicity […]

No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Eight

Our dog Lady checking out the broth

The day after Thanksgiving is our Day Twenty-Eight. We have LOTS of leftovers and everyone wants to eat the leftovers. So, not much going on today, since yesterday was so busy. Today is chill-down day for all of us. I have turkey stock in the roaster, still gently cooking. I made our customary matzah balls […]

No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Seven

Cooked, spiced and dehydrated garbanzo beans

Day Twenty-Seven, Thanksgiving Day! A festive, homey, family-filled feast all from storage (except the turkey). We all enjoyed the meal and the fellowship and for the the first time in many, many years, I did not go overboard making food and we did not go overboard eating too much. It wasn’t about what we had this […]

No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Six

Dehydrated carrots

WOW! Day Twenty-Six and we’re still all alive, we didn’t starve and according to my hubby and kids, it’s not been bad at all, hardly noticeable. I consider this a success. However, being a realist, I understand that one month does not tell the whole story and since we used many items from storage, unless […]

No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Five

Homemade whole wheat crust, sauce, beef and smoked mozzarella pizza

Here we are at Day Twenty-Five! This is amazing to me. Our son and I had some time together today and I asked him what he misses the most during the No-Shopping November, and to my surprise (and delight) he replied sincerely that he hasn’t missed anything. He said the meals were great and he didn’t feel […]

No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Four

Love that produce!

We bought our turkey!! Day Twenty-Four. Walking through Earth Fare, down the aisles, back to the meat department, passing by all the gorgeous fresh, organic produce and foods we’d love to have… I had to fight temptation to stay with No-Shopping November. Seriously. At that moment, I didn’t care about the mortgage or utilities or […]