Luscious Homemade Almond-Chia Milk recipe

Luscious, thick, smooth homemade non-dairy almond milk that is health-supporting AND frugal, has no waste and is easy on the calorie-budget as  well?! Sounds too good to be true? Follow me and I’ll show you. 

If you wish to use this delicious non-dairy “milk” for chia pudding, simply leave out the added chia from the recipe.

First, PLEASE  read the Tips for making my Almond-Chia Milk and the instructions for making the chia gel, which is essential to the recipe.

Luscious Homemade Almond-Chia Milk

Vickilynn Haycraft – Real Food Living

You will need:

1/2 – 1/3 – 1/4 cup raw, organic almonds (See Tips for explanation of amounts)

1 cup – 1/2 cup prepared organic chia gel

Pure water

Optional add-ins

Sweetener of choice, to taste,

Organic vanilla extract to taste

Organic cinnamon


1) Soak almonds (in their brown jackets) in our water 8 hours or overnight

2) Prepare chia gel per direction and chill overnight

3) If using dates, soak in pure water overnight

In the morning, drain the almonds and rinse well. Either remove the brown skin (see Tips) or simply place them, as is, in the VitaMix.

If using dates, drain and add to the VitaMix.

Add 4 cups of pure water and process as follows: Cover tightly. Turn VitaMix Low toggle switch to On. Slowly increase the variable speed knob to 10, then flip the High toggle switch to On. Let that run on High for 30 seconds for bare almonds and 1 minute for almonds with skin.

Pour in desired amount of prepared chia gel. Start off small, I like 1/2 cup.

Add in sweetener, extracts (I like vanilla or almond), spices (such as cinnamon) and anything else your heart desires such as fruit or vegetable purees. A tiny pinch of Real Salt.

To make it taste like “milk”, I leave it as simple as possible – almonds, water, chia gel, possibly some sweetener. Anything you choose to add after that is based on taste and preference and you can let yourself go wild! But if you’re looking for a non-dairy milk to replace dairy milk (especially for little ones), I recommend starting off with the basics and then make the variations once the regular “milk” has been accepted.

Reminder: If you are using soaked dates, be sure to blend them completely with the almonds in the VitaMix so they will not leave a “texture”. They do have a strong flavor, so unless you really like dates, I’d try something more mild first.

Add in water to the top and mix gently, either with a spoon or the lowest VitaMix setting, for just a few seconds to distribute the add-ins well.

Chill for at least an hour. Before serving,  stir gently and pour. There is no need to strain, you will be amazed at the smooth, silky mouth-feel and the light delicate taste (of course if you added in sweeteners and / or flavors, you will taste them as well).

Makes 64 ounces


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