No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Five

Here we are at Day Twenty-Five! This is amazing to me. Our son and I had some time together today and I asked him what he misses the most during the No-Shopping November, and to my surprise (and delight) he replied sincerely that he hasn’t missed anything. He said the meals were great and he didn’t feel deprived. I asked him about the chips and would he be willing to eat my homemade whole wheat matzah chips instead of purchasing the expensive organic corn chips, and he replied that he was fine with the homemade crackers. Emboldened by son’s positive reply, I submitted the same question to our youngest daughter, who has some definite preferences, and again to my surprise and pleasure, she told me that she hadn’t really seen much difference in our meals *except* for the lack of chips.:-) She did agree with her brother that she could do without the chips if I would make whole wheat matzah crackers. That recipe is included in the recipes below.

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Today was a crazy busy day. Our son had to see his surgeon for a reading of the MRI and to set up the surgery, which will be next week.  I drove son to his appointment, but hubby became very ill and had an emergency appointment at a specialist. When son and I finished with his doctor, I drove us to hubby’s doctor and sent him home while we picked up his meds. So, I didn’t get home until after 5 PM, again, being out all day. VICTORY!! We didn’t eat out! We waited until we got home to eat. When I got home, I changed what I had planned for today because of the lateness of the hour, the extended time it would take to cook and the fact that everyone was flat out starved since we hadn’t eaten all day being in town. I decided to do the Chicken Pot Pie tomorrow, and tonight I needed something easy, fast and filling…enter PIZZA! YAY!

Homemade whole wheat crust, sauce, beef and smoked mozzarella pizza

Homemade whole wheat crust, sauce, beef and smoked mozzarella pizza


I always try to have at least 2 homemade whole grain 14 inch pizza crusts in the freezer at all times, especially for days such as this. I whipped up our favorite quick pizza sauce (recipe on the recipe page) which takes all if 5 minutes to prepare. Shredded up some leftover, seasoned grass-fed beef I had slow-cooked the other day and spread it over the sauce. Our cheese is smoked mozzarella from Azure Standard (a family favorite cheese for pizza). This and some hot tea sure hit the spot!


Day Twenty-Five

Drained soaked garbanzo beans and put back in slow cooker with fresh water to cook”
Made apple juice turkey brine
Placed the turkey in the brine and placed the turkey in the fridge
Removed frozen pizza crusts from freezer
Made quick pizza sauce
Shredded leftover cooked beef
Shredded smoked mozzarella


Whole wheat toast
Almond milk cocoa

Homemade beef and smoked mozzarella pizzas
Hot tea
Finished up Matzah Ball Soup and Pasta Beef Stuff

Today was a good day, although a stressful one made more stressful by unplanned time in town. I am thankful that we stuck by our guns and didn’t eat while out, even though we had every reason to 🙂 But, to tell the truth, the homemade pizza was so quick (having my homemade pre-baked crusts in the freezer are the key!) and easy and DELICIOUS, so much better than anything we could have purchased, it was a gratifying and well as satisfying meal. It was a convenience meal, made at home. I know, I know, no veggies. Well, we have to make do with what we have on hand. I look forward to getting our Thanksgiving meal cooked tomorrow!



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