Homemade Real Ginger Ale

Ginger is an amazing root. Our family has the problem of motion sickness and almost all of our children have suffered with this malady. Organic ginger in powder, candied crystallized ginger, ginger tea and ginger drink has helped us tremendously. For me during my 5 pregnancies, ginger helped ease the constant not-only-morning sickness that otherwise crippled […]

Refreshing No-Sugar Summer Coolers

Hot days equal big thirsts! Intense perspiration can cause dehydration quickly, especially in little bodies. Natural, refreshing hydration is the goal. While cold, pure water is an excellent choice, sometimes the children like to drink something with some flavor and I prefer to provide some extra nutrients to replace what’s lost from the body in […]

Non-Dairy “Milk” Recipes

Basic Soy Milk I use this all-purpose milk for making homemade soy yogurt and yogurt cheese, also for baking and cooking. 1/2 cup organic soybeans, dry water Soak soybeans 8 -12 hours or overnight. Drain, rinse and place soybeans in the soymilk maker filter basket (or use the feeding tube option). Fill water to level […]

Cashew Milk

I make Cashew Milk using organic, raw cashews in the VitaMix. I soak 1 cup of organic, raw cashews in 6 cups of pure water overnight in the fridge. (I sometime add 8 organic pitted dates along with the cashews to soak.) In the morning, I take the VitaMix container and slowly get the speed […]