Homemade Real Ginger Ale

Ginger is an amazing root. Our family has the problem of motion sickness and almost all of our children have suffered with this malady. Organic ginger in powder, candied crystallized ginger, ginger tea and ginger drink has helped us tremendously. For me during my 5 pregnancies, ginger helped ease the constant not-only-morning sickness that otherwise crippled me. Ginger to the rescue! Health benefits of ginger.

Recently our youngest daughter has been experiencing daily severe bouts of nausea and digestive upset which is common for her illness. We’ve done dietary challenges, used essential oils, herbs, even meds, but drinking my Ginger Ale seems to be the best way to relieve her tummy pain. I keep this on hand so she and hubby can have 2 glasses per day.

Start with organic ginger root, very important! Make sure the ginger root you buy is firm but not dried out.  Avoid any with mold. I buy it in bulk from Azure Standard and store it unpeeled in the freezer. I use the ginger for my Ginger Ale AND for my Kombucha 2nd ferment. Make sure the ginger root you buy is firm but not dried out. Avoid any with mold.

You can grow your own organic ginger, very easily as well! Here are some tips on growing ginger.

(Adapted from Penniless Parenting)

2 ounces fresh, organic ginger root, peeled and cubed
1 cup boiling water
1 cup organic sugar (more to taste)
1 cup Kombucha or lemon juice
4 cups cold water (I use carbonated water using my Soda Stream)

Place the ginger and boiling water into a blender (I use a VitaMix) and whiz until smooth. Strain ginger through metal mesh strainer or squeeze through cheesecloth. Add ginger water back to blender and add remaining ingredients, whizzing until sugar is dissolved. Taste and adjust – if ginger taste is too strong, dilute with more water. Add more sweetener if desired.

Pour Ginger Ale into a bottle, cap tightly and let sit out for 12-24 hours for flavors to meld, then refrigerate. If using carbonated water, be sure to let the gas escape several times. Also known as “burping” the bottle.

To make it a different flavor, try adding fruit juices. I use Lakewood organic juices added to the Ginger Ale. If you don’t have a Soda Stream, you can purchase carbonated water, use mineral water or simply not use bubbly water, it will still taste awesome and do the ginger trick! These make great ice pops (without the carbonated water).



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