Book Review and Giveaway: Duct Tape 911

A book dedicated to duct tape? Duct tape has been called the most important item you can store besides food and water. Why? Because duct tape can do so many things! We’ve all seen the lists on the internet about duct tape, but The Survival Doctor, James Hubbard, M.D.,M.P.H., has written a wonderful, informative book on the medical uses for duct tape. That’s right, medical uses.

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Did you know that duct tape can:

Remove a wart
Make a tourniquet
Stop a lung from collapsing
Use as a CPR mouth barrier
Make bandages, splints, slings and joint braces
Make an eye parch or eye cup for eye injuries
Provide snakebite protection and protection from waterborne diseases
Become a tourniquet
Close a wound

… and much more!

Dr. Hubbard not only explains how to create these medical tools and appliances from duct tape, but his book contains step-by-step illustrations so you know exactly how to create your duct tape medical applications.

I recommend this book! And,  with thanks to The Survival Doctor, Dr. James Hubbard is giving away a FREE autographed copy of this great book! Just enter below!

Visit Dr. Hubbard’s website – The Survival for more information.

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