Book Review: Real Food Storage

KerryAnn Foster of Cooking Traditional Foods, has experienced first hand the pros and cons of having to feed her family totally from a food storage while not sacrificing the types of food her family prefers or requires (due to allergies). During Kerry’s husband’s 11-month period of unemployment, the Foster family was able to place their limited financial resources elsewhere, while maintaining the Real Food diet they needed, and without using food stamps or food banks or going hungry.

Written from personal knowledge and day-t0-day living it, the book Real Food Storage takes the reader through setting up a Real Food pantry and how that differs from using foods that cause or exacerbate illness. KerryAnn provides excellent and detailed information on what foods to choose, how to purchase, how much to store for each person, how to store, rotate and organize the foods and over 200 recipes on how to use them in real family recipes.

Real Food Storage recipes are wholesome, family meals that embrace the traditional foods, preservation and preparation methods and produce great-tasting, health-supporting real foods. Because KerryAnn is a celiac and needs to be gluten-free and her children have several foods allergies, the recipes in this book have allergy options and substitution information, which is helpful for all diet needs.

Table of Contents

KerryAnn’s Story

What to Store

Rotation and Organization

Per Person Storage Needs?










Vinegars and Lemon Juice


Veggies and Gardening Seeds

Sprouting Seeds




Baking Needs

Packaged Products

Supplements and Herbs

Specialty Items

Personal Care, Kitchen and Cleaning Supplies

And How to Cook It  (Real Food Recipes)



Quick Breads

Side Dishes

Meatless Main Dishes

Chicken Dishes

Beef Dishes

Salmon Dishes

Other Meats

Packaged and Processed Replacements



This book is one to have on the bookshelf, on the computer and always at hand. I highly recommend Real Food Storage by KerryAnn Foster in either e-book form, in paperback, or both.

KerryAnn writes: “If you’re looking to learn how to do a full year’s food storage program in your home or get some new, kid-approved recipes to use with your existing stores, this book is for you.   This book covers how much to store and of what, along with lists of questions to ask yourself to tailor your food storage to meet your own family’s needs and unique situation.”

KerryAnn Foster blogs at Cooking Traditional Foods and has authored multiple books and eBooks. She writes the longest running traditional foods Menu Mailer available, now in its fifth year. KerryAnn has over nine years of traditional foods experience and is a former Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader. Read about KerryAnn’s journey to health through celiac disease, food allergies, obesity, adrenal fatigue and heavy metals.

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