Review: Sylvia Britton’s Thanksgiving Planner

Holiday celebrations can be filled with family, food, fun, fellowship…and frenzy. Do you want to make your holiday celebrations without the stress? Sylvia Britton walks us through creating an atmosphere of joy without anxiety in celebrating Thanksgiving with her Thanksgiving Planner.

Sylvia’s Thanksgiving Planner starts off with an essential topic; a brief history of Thanksgiving and why we celebrate it.  This opening helps to remind us that it’s not just about the day; Thanksgiving is a mind and heart view, and the rush, the activity, the anxiety, the meal (as wonderful as it is), are not the reasons that we celebrate Thanksgiving. In fact, those things can actually take away from our holiday experience, and cause dread when the holiday time gets closer. Using this planner helps up to approach Thanksgiving with a renewed purpose and vision that assists us in our preparations.

Next we begin the 4-week planning information, which breaks down the tasks into smaller tasks, much easier to accomplish. Sylvia points out: “These Thanksgiving Prep Plans can be adapted to any holiday or event where you need to plan, prepare and produce.

She gives us excellent strategies including this one: “This year why not make a permanent Thanksgiving Planner to use from year to year? Use index cards to keep recipes or notes on or use a spiral notebook. I use an index card box and index cards (see photo above). Divide your cards into sections: recipes, decorating ideas, games and activities for family and children, organizing and cleaning instructions, inventories of glassware, cookware and ?atware. Lists of things that need to be done by week or by day leading up to Thanksgiving are helpful as well as favorite menu plans.”

Some of the highlights of Sylvia Britton’s Thanksgiving Planner include:

  • Devotionals to keep our eyes focused on the real vision of the holiday.
  • Breaking down each of the possible tasks starting far enough out to avoid time-crunched, frenzied actions.
  • 4 weeks of easy-to-accomplish goals
  • Homekeeping
  • Shopping
  • Meal-planning
  • What can be done ahead
  • Table options
  • Recipes – traditional and “allergy-friendly” recipes
  • Games and essential turkey tips
  • Emotions and expectations
  • Basics and essential turkey tips
  • Variations
  • Holy Living
  • Home decor and crafts
  • Games
  • Activities for children
  • Beautiful photography

This is one planner you will want to sit down and ENJOY over a nice cup of tea! Not only is Sylvia Britton’s Thanksgiving Planner functional, it is enjoyable to read over and over, taking in all the lovely aspects she presents for mind, body, soul, spirit and family to truly share a Thanksgiving holiday with peace and joy.

Conclusion: Highly recommended!

Author Bio:
Sylvia Britton and her husband Mark live in Tennessee and have been married since 1980. They are the parents of 5 children and have educated their children at home since 1990. Sylvia began working in online ministry in 1996 with Christian HomeKeeper™ and the Christian HomeKeeper™ message board.

She enjoys reading, mentoring women, writing articles for several magazines, gardening, Bible study and creating a peaceful holy home. God has given Sylvia the gifts of wisdom and administration and she has found a wonderful outlet for those gifts at Christian HomeKeeper™

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