AquaRain Gravity Water Filter

Consumer product testing was done on the AquaRain Model 400

Approximate Height: (assembled) 22 inches
Approximate Shipping Weight: 8-9 pounds, including filter elements
(Weight is increased depending on amount of water in filter)
Material: Stainless steel housing
Diameter: 10 inches
Models: 200 – uses 2 elements, holds 1 1/2 gallons
400 – uses 4 elements, holds 3 gallons
Model 400 has been replaced by models 402 and 404

In our family’s quest for better health through nutrition, natural medicine, and natural foods, one area that we found extremely important and frequently overlooked, is the area of pure water. When we lived in the city, we chose not to drink the municipal water because of the high chlorine and pesticide content and reading reports of municipalities having boil orders because of water line breaks, floods and contaminations with deadly organisms and bacteria such as E.coli, Cryptospordium, Giardia lamblia and others. Some of these contaminants in public water can cause severe illness and even death.

Since we moved to our 5 acre homestead in rural West Virginia, we had some different water needs. Our water source is a natural ground spring that is high in minerals that affect the taste, color and smell of our water. We own small a water filter pitcher, an electric water distiller, a hand filter and a gravity water filter using plastic housing and ceramic/carbon filter inserts. We were interested to see how the Aqua Rain would perform with our unfiltered hard water and in comparison to these other filters.

The AquaRain model 400 is a double-decker gravity water filter that consists of an upper and lower chamber, a lid and combines 4 ceramic filters made from diatomaceous earth with granulated activated carbon to trap bacteria and other undesirable elements in the filters and produce clean, fresh-tasting water almost effortlessly. The simple design, non-electric function and no chemicals or salt needed, appealed to both my husband Tim and I since this fits in well with our back-to-basics and more natural preferences.

The Aqua Rain’s all polished stainless steel housing is not only more visually attractive than some other gravity filters made of plastic, but because the material is stainless steel, the housing is not porous like plastic and will not harbor bacteria as some of the others can do.

When the AquaRain Model 400 arrived, I washed the unit and set it up in a matter of minutes. It was very easy to do and the element pre-care included getting them completely wet before using. When this was accomplished, I placed our tap water, which is hard, red, unfiltered spring water, into the top chamber and simply replaced the lid and went to bed. The next morning, using the built-in spigot in the bottom container, I poured myself a tall glass of delicious, clean water using no chemicals, salt, additives or electricity! Nothing could be easier!

Our family goes through quite a bit of water and I use filtered water for cooking as well as the family’s drinking, so we needed a sturdy water filter to handle our water needs. In my opinion, the AquaRain stands up to our constant use and consistently delivers excellent water, free from the taste color and smell problems we were experiencing without filtering. Because of the microfine pores, I am confident that the AquaRain will also filter out any bacteria that can plague city dwellers and rural homesteaders alike.

The stainless steel Aqua Rain is my choice over the Pur Water Pitcher, the Sears Electric Water Distiller, the Katadyn Combi filter and the Katadyn plastic gravity water filter. The AquaRain model 400 is large enough to handle a whole day’s worth of filtered water for our family (where the smaller filters could not) and because of the Aqua Rain’s stainless steel housing, ceramic and carbon filtering system and efficient non-electric function.

I strongly urge people to think about the safety of their water, rural or public, and to find out what is actually IN the water you and your family are drinking. Remember, purchased bottled water is not necessarily safe either since there are no agencies overseeing the water that goes into bottled water. I encourage people to read all they can about the subject of pure water and prayerfully consider purchasing a quality water filter for their family.

I highly recommend the AquaRain water filter for anyone concerned about their family’s health.

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