Bosch Universal Attachment – Slicer/Shredder

One of the most popular optional attachments for the Bosch Universal is the slicer/shredder. A versatile food preparation machine, the unit comes complete with:

  • Tamper (pusher) to keep fingers from being cut
  • Locking bowl, tube feed lid and cam (for safety, attachment only operates when bowl is locked in place.)
  • 3 cuttings discs: french fry /julienne cutting disc, grating disc (both coarse and fine with one reversible disc), and slicing disc (slices both thick and thin also with one reversible disc)

Optional accessories include a whipping and stirring whisk and an additional disk for finely grating potatoes.

The Bosch slicer/shredder is a multi-purpose tool and to my way of thinking, provides a good value with so many uses. I am partial to the generous size of the bowl, allowing quite a bit of use before it needs to be emptied. I also like that the bowl sits secure on the large bottom drive of the Bosch and has a large handle that makes it easy to use.

The material is a thick, sturdy plastic of a faint smokey, gray tint. The slicer/shredder handles and cleans up easily. The discs remove without fuss and wash up quite well. Be careful, the cutting discs are very sharp.

I compared a brand-new Bosch slicer/shredder with one that we bought for our home more than 10 years ago and have used frequently. Aside from the fact that my slicer/shredder looks like it has been well-used, the 10 year old unit looked and performed the same as the brand new one. This finding supports the claims of the manufacturer that their quality workmanship provide a good investment because their products will last and last, even with frequent use. I have to say in my own experience with this attachment, I have found this to be true. My 10 year old unit functions as well as the new one and our money was well-spent in its purchase.

I use the Bosch Universal slicer/shredder for so many food preparation tasks in my kitchen that I previously did by slowly and painfully by hand (and knuckles!) I love the speed and ease and straightforward operation of the slicer/shredder.

I have tested the optional whisk but I prefer using the double whisks that come with the Bosch Universal bowl. I would not consider the whisk a necessary purchase for me. I also found I did not need the optional extra -fine grating disc, as the grating discs provided in the basic attachment seemed to meet all my grating needs, both fine and coarse. I would not consider the optional grating disc would be necessary for me.


I believe the Bosch Universal slicer/shredder attachment is a sturdy, capable and functional product to compliment the Bosch Universal and assist the homemaker in the task of food preparation. This product has proven to be worth its cost in our family. I recommend it highly.

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