Enclume’s New “Rack It Up!”

Dear Readers, have you ever cast your eyes longingly and lovingly upon those gorgeous hanging pot racks and wished with all your heart that your kitchen and / or budget could handle one? Can you just imagine how a pot rack would transform your kitchen ambiance as well as show off your cookware and to top it off, create a neat and tidy storage solution? The wait is finally is over!

Enclume, the foremost manufacturer of top of the line pot racks and kitchen furnishings sought out consumer focus groups to find out which features they would like to see in Enclume’s kitchen creations. The feedback from consumers like YOU is the motivation for the new RACK IT UP!! series. What is so amazing about this company is that they actually LISTEN to the customers out there and considered what people wanted and needed. Enclume responded with RACK IT UP!

“Now virtually everyone can enjoy the same benefits with RACK IT UP!, Enclume’s all-new value-priced pot rack collection. It was designed by consumer focus groups representing families in middle-America homes, condos, townhouses and apartments. The focus groups demanded low cost, good looks, a variety of sizes, strong construction, quick assembly, and the fastest, easiest installation possible.”

RACK IT UP! racks are made with the same attention to detail, quality materials, easy installation and long-term service that has made Enclume the most respected name in the industry over the last 35 years and why they are considered absolutely the best.

And the most exciting news YET, get ready for this… the Enclume RACK IT UP! pot racks range in price from $24.99 – $99.00! That’s an unbelievable value price for this quality product.

Choosing the right Enclume product.

Enclume has a fabulous website which highlights all their products making it easy to choose the right size, model and material for your needs. Click on each product to see the specifications and how it would fit and look in your own home.

Do you have a wide square kitchen? Perhaps one of the ceiling pot racks would work best for you. There are 5 to choose from in various sizes and styles.

ceiling pot rack ceiling pot rack

Do you have a narrow galley-type kitchen? Perhaps one of the 5 wall pot racks also in several sizes and styles would fit your tastes.

Wall Pot Rack Wall Pot Rack Wall Pot Rack

Do you have a small space that you think won’t handle a pot rack? Just take a look at these beautiful, sturdy, yet lightweight racks!

Small Space Rack

OK, you’ve looked at these fantastic products and you’ve decided on the one that will best show off your kitchen, but now you may question, “This is great, but I’d have to hire a contractor.” Nope! Think again! RACK IT UP! racks are designed to be installed quickly and easily with a minimum of effort and with no prior experience required. Hardware and tools are included with the RACK IT UP! of your choice.

Bookshelf Pot Rack

Our family has decided on the Bookshelf Pot Rack because we have a narrow galley kitchen with a low ceiling. The rack assembled easily and installed just as easily. The Enclume Bookshelf Pot Rack is so sturdy that it holds all the pans we wanted, even though they are heavy cast iron. The change in the look of our kitchen is stunning! We are thrilled with having the pans accessible and stored in one place. We will update you with before and after pictures of our RACK IT UP! installation and kitchen transformation!

Enclume is offering FREE shipping on all their RACK IT UP! products!

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Disclaimer: The product was provided for review purposes.

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