Review: Frieling stainless steel manual coffee maker

Coffee snobs (umm “experts”) say that the best coffee comes from a French press non-electric coffee maker. If you don’t care about being a coffee expert, but you want to make coffee that tastes amazing, and you want this amazing coffee if the power is out, or just to save electricity, or just to use the best method for making coffee, the French press is the best choice.

As I was writing this review, the power went out. No lie. My point was proven. Non-electric French press coffee makers simply make the best coffee, and financial as well as preparation sense.

French press                               Frieling stainless steel French press

There are several models, styles and materials to choose from. The first one we tested was a glass French press, which worked well, but broke easily. We tested another. It worked well, but broke easily. We then tested a stainless steel (read: unbreakable) for durability, and ended up enthralled with how well it worked and how smooth the coffee turned out.

Why did we not start out with the stainless steel model? Simply, the price. We always look for an effective product with a reasonable price tag. The 32 ounce glass Boudin French press retails at about $25 – $30. That seemed a smaller jump than the more expensive choices, and the less expensive plastic models were not even a consideration (we don’t use plastic to cook or heat food). However, after the first one broke and we spent the money to replace it and the next one broke… well you do the math. The stainless steel model was actually a better buy.

We lent our daughter our Frieling stainless steel French press because her electric coffee maker was packed up as she moved. When it came time to return the French press, she told us that the French press was the BEST coffee maker she had ever used and the coffee from it was fantastic. Of course, we insisted that she keep it and we promptly purchased another.

The 36-ounce Frieling stainless steel French press is a joy to operate, no buttons, knobs or plug-ins. Simply heat the water (if you are in a power outage, you can heat water using a solar oven, a biomass stove, a campfire or even an outdoor grill. Grind your roasted coffee beans (check out my review on a manual coffee mill) into a coarse grind and place the grounds in the bottom of the French Press. Pour in the just boiling water, place the top on the press and time for 4 minutes while it steeps. Then, gently and smoothly, press the plunger down down, trapping the grounds in the bottom and releasing the rich, smooth, non-bitter coffee into your receptacle. Fix your cup as you desire and enjoy. Pour out the rest of the coffee without removing the grounds (decant) to another container to avoid bitterness.


Frieling stainless steel French press

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18/10 stainless steel, inside and out
Double-wall insulation
Simple process
Smooth operation
4 minutes to coffee
Sturdy construction
Produces smooth, non-acidic, non-bitter coffee
Different sizes available
Canister can double as a serving pitcher


Price can be a hindrance, however, consider the cost of not replacing glass French press canisters
Need several batches for large servings


Conclusion: The Frieling stainless steel French press manual coffee maker is a simple and effective way to make excellent coffee. Highly recommended. You might want to get an extra one in case your daughter wants yours.



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