Automatic Soy Milk Makers III – SoyaJoy SJ-5

When last reviewed, the SoyaJoy was not U.L. listed. Since that time, the SoyaJoy SJ-5 has received U.L. certification and includes the updated safety features required by Underwriter’s Laboratories, including the safety shut-off switch. I now recommend the SoyaJoy SJ-5 as an excellent, well-made machine that consistently delivers high-quality non-dairy beverages from home.

SoyaJoy Automatic Soy Milk Makers

  • 800 watts
  • Weight: 4 pounds 14 ounces
  • Height: 14 inches including top handle
  • Canister (inner and outer): Stainless steel. Plastic handle on the outside.
  • Filter basket: Stainless steel mesh
  • Machine head outer: Plastic with electronic controls and feeding window and top handle
  • Machine head components in contact with the liquid: Stainless steel
  • Yield: 6 cups liquid
  • Safety shut-off switch
  • U.L. listed

To use the SoyaJoy:

See II: Automatic Soy Milk Makers Model Instructions at this site
or view the instructions for the SoyaJoy at the manufacturer’s website.

SoyaJoy Advantages:

  • Materials that come in contact with the beverages are quality stainless steel.
  • Filter basket mesh is finely woven and it effectively filters the fibers from the liquid, eliminating the need for additional straining, unless desired.
  • Steel canister has pouring spout and has a rolled top, making pouring less messy.
  • The steel canister’s one-piece construction prevents the soymilk from dripping in between the layer of plastic and steel.
  • Control pad is programmable for custom cycles and additional options.
  • Feeding window is an option for adding beans/grains.
  • Cycle length is fast — approximately 16 minutes.
  • Passed U.L. safety testing and carries the U.L. listing.
  • Includes an added safety shut-off switch.
  • User manual and free recipe book.
  • Toll-free ordering and Customer Service.
  • Speedy shipping from Sanlinx Tennessee wholesale warehouse to all U.S. customers.

SoyaJoy Disadvantages:

  • The machine head and the filter basket do not stand up. They must be propped up after being removed from the machine. I lay mine in a large stainless bowl.
  • The steel outer surface of the machine gets hot to the touch during operation.

Overall conclusion:

The SoyaJoy works easily, quickly and produces excellent non-dairy beverages. The cost of the machine has been recouped by saving the money previously spent on commercial non-dairy milks. I use this machine regularly in my kitchen and recommend it highly.

For recipes using the SoyaJoy, please visit Soy Milk and Okara Recipes.

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