Blendtec K-Tec Grain Mill

Blendtec has recently re-branded the K-Tec Kitchen Mill as the Blendtec Kitchen Mill.

Storing dimensions: 10″ x 8″ x 6″
Pan capacity: 24 cups
Weight: 8 lbs

I was very excited to re-test the K-Tec grain mill recently since the last time I had product tested this mill was more than 10 years ago. The K-Tec is a mill in the micronizer category, using steel “teeth” or blades to burst grains or legumes into flour. Micronizers can mill flour very fine to slightly coarse, but do not “crack” grains.


  • This mill has a large smoky-gray Lexan hopper that allows me to see the flour after being milled. The capacity is 24 cups of flour. I personally liked the see-through feature as it allowed me to make sure the catch pan was not overfilled with flour.
  • A plus of the new K-Tec is the fact it is lightweight (weighs about 8 pounds) and it has a small footprint and compact size when stored. The hopper (where the grain is poured into) fits upside down inside the pan when storing. It was easy to lift for me, a woman with a physical disability, and it was easy to operate. The smaller storing size was also a plus for me, a woman with little space and lots of stuff!
  • The K-Tec milled my grains and legumes quickly and produced fine flour perfect for making baked items from pastry crust to breads and all sorts of other flour products.
  • The milling chamber is self-cleaning and requires no maintenance.
  • The K-Tec comes with a plastic “cyclo” cup and a mesh filter which are designed to trap the ultra-fine flour particles to keep them from being blown back into the air (and to protect the consumer from breathing them in).
  • The K-Tec grain mill is UL listed and approved and meets all the of standards set forth by Underwriter’s Laboratories.

The K-Tec performed as advertised, milling grains and legumes into flour, very fast and very fine.

Important notes:

  • Most micronizer mills are loud. I found the K-Tec painfully loud when it was operating, however, I recommend using quality ear plugs to reduce the motor noise which can damage hearing over time. I have used the flexible type of ear plugs approved for police officers firing guns. The ear plugs were inexpensive and comfortable and did an excellent job of cutting the noise of using a micronizer mill. I do not recommend milling with young children present in the room.
  • There is flour residue underneath the mill that must be wiped or brushed off after each use. The cyclo cup should be emptied and cleaned and the mesh filter tapped clean or washed and dried. These are not a cumbersome chores, but it should be noted that they must be done after each milling session so the flour residue does not remain on the mill, becoming rancid and mixing with new flour that is milled during the next milling session.
  • It should be noted that flour dust can be aggravating to lung conditions such as asthma and allergies and care should be taken when using a micronizer mill or any mill high-speed that produces flour dust. I found the Ktec emitted some fine flour dust in my kitchen while milling. One way to avoid any flour dust while milling is to use the mill outside of the home, on a porch, deck or garage.

Overall I found the K-Tec mill to be a sturdy and safe mill which performed as advertised. I was very happy with the flour it produced and how quickly the K-Tec milled flour. In my opinion, the reasonable price makes the K-Tec an affordable mill for families that need a first mill and cannot afford the higher priced brands. By following the simple instructions, the K-Tec mill should give its owners good service for years.

Warranty: 5 year limited warranty, lifetime warranty on the milling chamber.

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