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I was invited to review this product and I was thrilled to receive the oven and put it through its paces after reading excellent feedback on it. The Customer Service at Morningware is very friendly and helpful, which is a plus when considering purchasing any product.

The Morningware oven is fun to use and it works quickly and efficiently to cook so many types of foods. I find myself using it several times a day, almost every day. I bake homemade whole-grain pizza crusts in it and then cook the topped pizzas to perfection. I can adjust the amount of heat and change how browned the cheese gets (since I have some in my family that prefer dark-cooked cheese and some that prefer the cheese light and ooey-gooey. We do pizza at least twice a week using the Morningware Infrared Halogen oven.

I also bake 100% whole wheat sticky buns, cookies, biscuits, cobblers and many other foods one would think were not suited to this oven. As a whole-grain baker, how the Morningware oven handled homemade whole-grain baked goods was extremely important to me. I must say that I am very pleased with the results.

In addition to baked goods, the Morningware Infrared Halogen Oven does a fantastic job on meats (even frozen, not thawed!! That’s right!) Chicken, turkey, lamb, venison, bison, fish, burgers, steaks, vegetables, potato fries and much more, turn out moist inside and are cooked wonderfully on the outside.

Several advantages of the Morningware Infrared Halogen Oven includes that using it keeps me from having to pre-heat and cook using the big oven, thus saving on fuel AND using the Morningware keeps the kitchen cool and smoke-free. I love not having to heat the whole house to roast salmon fillets or vegetables or bake a quick batch of muffins or cookies. Since the “baking bug” may hit me at any moment and I may desire to whip up a batch of something yummy, not having to pre-heat my oven is a huge advantage for me. I also enjoy being able to watch the food cook via the see-through dome and watch it puff up and brown.

The clean-up process couldn’t be easier, but the dome does get hot during the cooking process, so it is prudent to wait until the oven cools down before cleaning.

My Helpful Hints:

  • Consider the thickness and the type of food you are cooking. For example, steaks, hamburgers, fish grill up perfectly, but a thick pot roast may be better suited for a slow-cooker as the longer cooking method may be necessary to tenderize a tough, thick cut of meat. I enjoy roasting whole chickens in my Morningware oven, but I also like to butterfly them first, laying them flat on the stainless rack. The chickens roast quicker using this method.
  • It may be necessary to flip some foods over to cook the bottom evenly. I regularly do this with my homemade 100% whole-grain pizza crusts. Caveat: I also have to flip my pizza crusts and other foods when baking them in the regular oven, so I don’t consider this a negative aspect of the IR oven.
  • A meat thermometer is indispensable for determining the internal temperature of cooked meats and breads. Most of these foods will cook more quickly than using conventional means so taking the temperature of the meat is essential to prevent overcooking.
  • When removing the dome after cooking, I place the dome onto a towel or placemat to avoid temperature shock.
  • I keep my Morningware Infrared Halogen Oven on my countertop ready to go at ALL times because I want to use it over and over!

Yield: 10-12 English Muffins

1 1/4 cup warmed milk 110 degrees (I prefer homemade cashew milk)
1 Tablespoon SAF yeast
3 cups whole wheat pastry flour, plus more as needed, about 1 cup
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons good-quality oil (I prefer organic virgin coconut oil, melted)
1 tablespoon honey or organic sugar
1 egg, beaten
1/4 cup cheddar cheese, optional

In a mixing bowl (I used a Kitchen Aid), place the warmed milk and flour. Add the SAF yeast and stir to mix. Add remaining ingredients and beat well. Add flour as need to have the dough pull away from the sides of the bowl. The dough should be very soft, but not stick to your hands.

Turn out onto a floured board and knead until no longer sticky. Pat out to about 1/2-inch thick and cut into 3-inch rounds. Place the rounds onto a piece of parchment paper, cover with a towel and let rise about 30 minutes (almost doubled).

Place the parchment and muffins onto the steel rack (turned to the lowest position) of the Morningware Infrared Halogen Oven. Bake at 325 degrees for about 10 minutes. CAREFULLY, flip muffins over and bake another 8 minutes or until tops are golden brown.

*They will deflate slightly as you turn them because the bottoms are very soft. Don’t worry, they will puff back up.

Remove to a cooling rack. Split open with a serrated knife and butter the inside, replacing the top and bottom around the butter.



Simple to use, the Infrared Halogen Oven comes with a base, glass tray, stainless steel rack that can be used in 2 positions, a polycarbonate dome and the Morningware Infrared Halogen powerhead.

The Morningware Infrared Halogen Oven can roast, grill, broil, air-fry, dehydrate, barbecue and steam. A truly versatile portable countertop cooking appliance!

Dimensions: 14” H x 13” L x 11” W

Weight: 13 pounds

Cooking Method: Combination of convection, conduction, infrared and halogen light

1 year warranty

100 volts AC, 60Hz, 1200 watts

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