Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker

Do you love Greek yogurt and yogurt (cream) cheese? Are you seeking a healthy, homemade, inexpensive alternative to cream cheese or sour cream? Then, this handy manual yogurt cheese maker is perfect for you! Whether you make your own raw milk yogurt, or purchase yogurt with actives cultures, the Donvier Yogurt Cheese maker will perform well.

It’s almost too simple to review, but that’s the beauty of it – simplicity. Yet, its design improves upon older methods which have some drawbacks including the mess and having to squeeze yogurt through cheesecloth, or having to replace disposable coffee filters. With the Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker, it is mess-free, self-contained, completely re-useable and durable. Lean and green!

To make thick, rich Greek-style yogurt, or yogurt cheese:

1. Place the mesh screen into the bottom container.

2. Pour the yogurt (homemade or storebought) into the screen (holds 3 cups of yogurt). You can also use this for draining whey from kefir.

3. Cover yogurt maker with lid (included) and place in the fridge to drain (2 – 24 hours depending on thickness desired) *If a very thick yogurt cheese is desired, empty the whey several times during draining. You can use whey for all sorts of yummy things!

4. When ready, remove the cover and bottom (you will have whey in the bottom container) and remove the lovely yogurt cheese.

5. Eat as is, add in fruits or flavors to taste, or use like sour cream or cream cheese.



  • Inexpensive
  • Reusable
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Self-contained
  • Compact
  • Stores easily
  • Eliminates mess of draining using cloths or paper
  • You can choose the desired thickness by the time used to drain


  • Capacity is 3 cups of yogurt



  • Must empty the whey several times if a thick “cheese” is desired. Use the whey, it is a versatile food.






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