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Making a fire wherever you are can literally save your life.  It is important to have the skill and any tools or supplies to make fire with you at all times. There are several ways to create fire and several easy-to-carry tools that can assist in fire-making. A fire-making tool that has been around since ancient times is a fire piston which employs only compressed air to ignite tinder such as char cloth.

Most fire pistons are pistons alone, in other words, that’s all they do. Glen Trayer of Trayer Wilderness Inc. created and engineered an ingenious multi-task tool which can perform several functions, including starting fire as a fire piston.

The MultiFlame Tool and the MultiFlame Mini Tool are made right here in the Glen Trayer of Trayer Wilderness, Inc. Glen and his wife Tammy live the wilderness life on 5 acres in Northern Idaho. You can read more about them and their son and all they do at Mountain Man Journals,  Mountain Woman Journals, and Mountain Boy Journals.



Large MultiFlame tool

Large MultiFlame tool

MultiFlame Tool
8 inches long
Weighs less than one pound
Made from sturdy, lightweight aluminum
Removable round knob handle
Drilled access opening accommodates a brush for cleaning handguns 9 mm or larger
Hex-cut opening accommodates any 1/4 inch hex bit such as a screwdriver or nut bits
Adapter for outside shaft holds 5/16 inch shaft auger bit for suggested 3/4 inch auger
Kit includes lined nylon pouch with 3 loops for belt or pack, fire piston, adapter, extra 0-rings, and tin
Made 100% in the U.S.A.




Mini MultiFlame tool

Mini MultiFlame tool

Mini MultiFlame Tool
6 inches long
Weighs less than one pound
Made from sturdy, lightweight aluminum
Removable round knob handle
Drilled access for gun cleaning brush for 9mm or larger
Hex-cut opening accommodates any 1/4 inch hex bit such as a screwdriver or nut bits
Kit includes lined nylon pouch with loop for belt, fire piston, extra o-rings, and tin
Made 100% in the U.S.A.



Fire pistons may take a few steps to start fire, but they are usually reliable fire making tools. Our experiences with the MultiFlame Tools were excellent. Once we followed the simple instructions found in Glen’s instructional videos, HEREHERE and HERE, we had success. We each used the MultiFlame tools to create fire. Simple and effective fire pistons.

The hex opening at the end of each MultiFlame tools accomodated 1/4 inch bits and worked well in each test. The large MultiFlame tool’s auger bit adapter was simple to use and provided the stability and power to work with the auger.

The size, weight, configuration and kits provided with the MultiFlame tools were perfect for carrying in or attaching to packs or belts with the loops provided. We found the MultiFlame tools to be excellent products, well-made, with multiple applications in reasonably-priced units plus extras included. We consider them to be an essential addition to our carry packs.


The interesting features of the MultiFlame tools extend past making fire to providing an opening for a brush tool to clean your handgun (9 mm or larger), to attaching 1/4 inch hex tool bits (screw drivers,  nut drivers, drill bits etc. such as THESE.) making the MultiFlame tool a multi-tasker, great for outside treks, wilderness camping or emergency preparedness. On the larger MultiFlame tool, you can use a 5/16 inch shaft for auger bits for more heavy-duty tool needs.

Sturdy, but not heavy
Multiple uses and applications
Lined nylon pack with compartments for accessories
Extras included with kit (additional o-rings, tin, auger bit adapter with large MultiFlame tool)
Can attach to belt or packs
100% made in the U.S.A.
Reasonably priced

For those not familiar with using a fire piston, it may take a few tries to ignite the char cloth, however, following the excellent video tutorials by Glen Trayer (links above) should eliminate the need for several attempts. We found the video demonstrations to be invaluable and we achieved consistent success with fire-starting.


We recommend the MultiFlame tools (both large and mini) for every family, even every family member in case they get separated, in their preparedness tools as these can perform several important functions. Excellent, quality tools!

Recommended highly.


MultiFlame Tools by Trayer Wilderness

Trayer Wilderness, Inc.
Glen & Tammy Trayer


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