Review: Natural Nut Butter Mixer

Open the jar of natural nut butter and what do you find? Usually the oil and nut butter have separated and the oil is on top of the nut butter which is curiously similar to cement.




Enter this crazy-creative manual nut butter mixer!

It works so easily and fast, I was amazed. My kids were amazed. My husband was thrilled (because he is usually the nut-butter-mixer and the oil sloshes out of the jar as he laboriously stirs the nut butter.)

Be sure to order the correct size for your nut butter needs. Simply measure the width of your jar opening to find the right size stirrer to purchase. This cannot be stressed enough since there are several models to choose from and they are designed for the size of the jar.

I chose the Model #100 which fits Maranatha Organic Peanut Butter, Earth Fare Natural Peanut Butter and Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter (all 16 oz jars) as well as jars of similar size. This also works for almond butter and other natural nut butters.

Simple design, yet completely effective, this is one inexpensive, wonderful tool (or call it a gadget) that I won’t be without for mixing natural nut butters!

How does it work? Screw the mixer lid onto the nut butter jar. The underside of the mixer lid has a plastic gasket. Insert the metal stirrer, hold the jar and turn the mixer. It is so easy and mixes the nutter butter quickly to a smooth consistency, incorporating the oil back into the stiff nut butter with minimal effort.

Highly recommended. I plan to get several and give some as gifts.

Thank you Amazing Graze Farm General Store!


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