Review: Old Fashioned Oven Stick and Giveaway

I have a love-hate relationship with my oven. I love to bake and cook, but I have burned my arms and hands countless times adding or removing items from the hot oven. (Yes, I wear oven gloves, but I still get burned!)

Oven Sticks 1When I was asked to review the Old Fashioned Oven Stick from Amazing Graze Farms, I immediately jumped at it. If it worked anything like it was described, it would be an answer to prayer. Good news! The beautiful handmade hardwood oven stick works simply, easily and smoothly pulling the rack out and gently pushing it back in. The oven stick is long enough to keep my fingers and arms from getting burned, which is important to me. An additional plus is that the Old Fashioned Oven Stick works with my countertop convection oven as well.

Because I love this Old Fashioned Oven Stick so much, and with thanks to Amazing Graze Farm Store, we are GIVING AWAY one free oven stick! (Enter below)

Old Fashioned Oven Stick

Sanded smooth
Available in natural (no stain) Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut and Red Oak woods
Unique shape uses one stick to both pull the rack out and push the rack in without exposing hands or arms
Leather lace attached to hang the oven stick makes it accessible all the time

Dimensions: 13 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wideoven stick 4

Conclusion: This lovely, smooth, simple oven stick has a permanent place in my kitchen, hung right where I can use it to pull out and push in my oven racks from either the large oven or countertop oven. The Old Fashioned Oven Stick is beautiful, all-wood, functional and gives a feel of the simple design and functionality of days gone by.

Recommended highly for anyone who cooks and wonderful for gifts!

You can purchase the Old Fashioned Oven Stick for yourself or those you love by going to Amazing Graze Farm Store and choose your colors. I have Cherry 😉

Now for the Giveaway. Simply enter below! The winner will be announced in 7 days and notified by email, so be sure to include your email address.


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