Review: Sun Oven Dehydrating and Baking Set

Dehydrating foods is an effective and economical way to create a real food storage.  You can dehydrate foods for short-term or long-term storage. Especially in the season of garden growing, Farmer’s markets, bartering and an abundance of fresh foods available, dehydrating these foods while plentiful makes good sense economically as well as practically.  Dehydrated foods are lighter and take up less pace than canned, jarred or bottled foods and dehydrated foods store without electricity so they will not be lost if the power goes out.

There are many ways to dehydrate foods, and many tools one can use. Options range from homemade or manufactured solar or air dehydrators, to versatile, high-capacity commercial electric dehydrators and everything in-between, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

While I have and use an electric dehydrator that I love using (an Excalibur), I wanted to use a non-electric dehydrator and discovered the Global Sun Oven Multi-Level Dehydrating and Baking Rack Set which consists of 3 stackable metal racks and unbleached parchment paper that are used with the Global Sun Oven.



What is unique to this set is that the racks are designed to fit in the Sun Oven to allow for air flow around the racks and food, thus creating a perfect environment to dehydrate food, just using the sun.  Dehydrate fruits, herbs, veggies, fruit leathers, even whole meals into MREs using the Sun Oven.  Because the Sun Oven’s cooking chamber heats up with even heat surrounding the food, these racks also act as baking sheets to bake foods such as cookies, salmon patties, crackers etc.

The dehydrating / baking racks fit perfectly inside the Sun Oven levelator and because they stack neatly, you can dehydrate or bake 3 times more food than with one single tray.

To dehydrate: line each rack with parchment paper (if necessary) and lay the evenly-sliced or evenly-spread food onto the paper. Repeat with remaining trays. Place the filled trays into the Sun Oven levelator, stacking them. Turn one latch beneath the glass door facing inward and close the lid, laying the glass onto the latch, creating a small air escape. Dehydrate until completely dry. Check and  re-position with the sun as necessary.

To bake: line each rack with parchment paper (or reusable silicone mat) and place the food on the paper or mats. Stack the racks, close the lid and secure. Bake until done. Re-position with the sun as necessary.
Complete instruction pdf from Sun Oven International 

3 metal wire racks –  each rack measures 12 ” x 9″ x 1.5″
1 roll unbleached parchment paper

Racks are metal wire, fit perfectly in the Sun Oven and stack easily
Using stacking racks increases the amount of food that can be dehydrated or baked by 3 times
No electricity required to dehydrate or bake foods
No electricity required to store dehydrated foods (when stored correctly
Dehydrated foods retain nutrients, concentrate flavor and store in small places
Dehydrating foods save money and time
Dehydrating foods increase food storage
Dehydrated foods are more portable than canned or frozen
Stackable racks make excellent racks for Sun Oven baking
Racks are light, easy to store and can be used as cooling racks
Works well with re-usable silicone mats instead of parchment paper for sustainability

Cannot use the Sun Oven for cooking when dehydrating
(Possible solution: Purchase an additional Sun Oven for dehydrating)

Highly recommended

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