Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill

Advertised as “The World’s BEST Hand Grain Mill” the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is the latest offering by the same people who bring us the WonderMill electric grain mill. The WonderMill has been a staple for home milling and is known for its quality and performance over the past decade. The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill continues in that quality tradition for The Wonder Mill Company.

Weight: 10 pounds
Height: 12 ¾ inches (without clamp)
Hopper capacity: one quart
Crank handle: 10 inches

The WonderMill vision is stated so well on their website:

“It’s a pretty big claim to call your product “The World’s Best.” But we know that after you have used the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill that you will agree. For years hand grain mills have either been really cheap or really expensive. And unfortunately their ability to perform has been directly related to their cost. The cheap ones perform poorly and the expensive ones perform great. When we designed the Wonder Junior we set out to create the perfect storm in hand grain mills. And we wanted the versatility and high quality of the most expensive grain mills in a price range that was affordable to the homemaker. We found the perfect storm with the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill.

Baking day

In my experience testing, reviewing and personal use of many different grain mills, I have found the above position to be exactly true. The smaller, portable hand grain mills that many put away with their “preparedness” supplies or purchase because of their affordability usually do not work very well or hold up under extended use. They are difficult to use, have limited features and do not produce quality flour and usually cannot produce large amounts of flour per session. Some models of hand mills produce only coarse flour that requires sifting and regrinding (sometimes several times) to obtain a fine enough texture for baking bread.

On the other hand, few families are fortunate enough to be able to afford the $400 – $600 plus that is needed to purchase the large wheel hand grain mills. The grain mills are much easier to crank and can produce a fine flour. However these mills are larger, heavier and not as portable for camping or traveling and need to be bolted down to be cranked or motorized (defeating the purpose of the non-electric mill.)

The Wonder Junior is a wonderful answer to the problem! Finally, a sturdy, well-built, functional, portable hand-cranked grain mill that does more than a superb job and does not cost a fortune!

Putting the Wonder Junior through its paces and tests, side by side comparisons with other mills, electric and hand-cranked, stone and impact, the results were truly thrilling. The Wonder Junior is easy to use, quiet, clean and produces an excellent, fine flour (with no sifting and re-grinding required) and with minimal effort (even for a 10 year girl). For less money than the huge mills, the Wonder Junior produces excellent results comparable with mills costing several hundred dollars more. The Wonder Junior can vary the grind from cracked grains to bread flour with a simple adjustment of the knob making it versatile as well.


  • portable, yet extremely sturdy and well-built for a reasonable price
  • the metal body and quality powder finish is scratch and chip resistant
  • can be washed with soap and water unlike many other mills
  • stone milling heads are made from natural stone and require no maintenance
  • stone milling heads can be easily adjusted using a simple knob to adjust the fineness of the flour, from pastry flour to cracked grains
  • hopper is large and holds over a quart of grain
  • hopper is attached to the mill body and will not fall off
  • handle is extra-long (10 inches) which makes hand cranking easier
  • extra-large bearings never need lubricating
  • covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty (see Owner’s Manual for details)

Personal comments

  • Our 10 year daughter loves to use it and grinds our fine bread flour easily.
  • The Wonder Junior easily ground whole rye berries that clogged the stones of an expensive, electric stone mill touted as the best on the market. The Wonder Junior made simple work and excellent textured flour from the rye berries while the larger mill had to be taken apart and its stones deglazed and cleaned.
  • The optional Flour Guide directed the falling flour into the catch pan without any mess around the milling heads.


In the Deluxe model, the Wonder Junior comes with steel burrs to grind oily nuts and seeds. The burrs also work well for cracking grains. Also included in the Deluxe model is the patented Super Grip Dual Clamp which prevents the mill from sliding while milling.

The dual clamp worked well for me, holding the mill in place while hand cranking the mill. This strong hold on wide base of the Wonder Junior allows the milling to be done with less effort and still allows the mill to be moved and transported easily, whereas a bolted mill may not.. The clamp of this quality is not seen on other mills and was a huge selling point for me in testing the Deluxe model.

The steel burrs allow the Wonder Junior to be a complete all-purpose mill. The stones are excellent for milling dry grains and legumes, but the steel burrs will grind nuts and seeds. Think of being able to mill flax seed into meal for the freshest product. What about homemade peanut or almond butter? Corn bread and corn grits on the menu? Simply mill dried corn to the preferred texture. You can even grind coffee beans into fresh coffee. The Wonder Junior hand mill is not only strong and durable, it is extremely versatile and has features even many of the larger, more expensive mills do not have.

Highly Recommended

Based on my product testing, comparisons and actual usage in my kitchen, the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is highly recommended. This one mill outperforms many other hand mills and even in some areas, outperforms the most expensive hand mills. See Hand Mill Comparison at Kodiak Health. The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is perfect for small or large families, those who prepare for power outages or those who camp or travel. I believe this is the one mill informed and prepared families should not be without.

For more information, please visit The WonderMill Company website.  http://www.thewondermill.com/

Find an authorized dealer near you (enter your state in the search box) and check out the Wonder Junior in action.

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