SideSwipe Spatula Paddle for Standing Mixers

SideSwipe alternating fin design makes mixing a breeze! -Photo courtesy Frut LLC

If you have a standing mixer, such as Kitchen Aid, you know all too well that you must stop and “scrape down the sides of the bowl” during the mixing process. We all put up with having to do this and we figure it’s just part of the process.

However, a compassionate husband (Louis Busick) had an idea as he watched his wife stop her mixer, scrape down the ingredients and resume mixing. With his engineering and product design experience, Busick placed his efforts towards finding a better way to use the flat paddles most standing mixers use and not have to stop the mixer to scrape the sides. The result is the innovative and efficient SideSwipe(TM) spautula mixer blade.

A closer look:

  1. Sturdy aluminum connection to mixer.
  2. Frame made from heavy duty reinforced nylon for durability and strength.
  3. Alternating, angled, silicone wiper fins scrape the sides of the mixer bowl, so you don’t have to!

Features of the SideSwipe spatula paddle:

  • Creates a fluffier, creamier product.
  • Reducing mixing time 30-60%
  • No dry ingredients left on the bottom of the mixing blowl (such as dried fruit or chocolate chips), the SideSwipe fully incorporates the dry ingredients
  • Stain and heat resistant to 400 F
  • Won’t retain tastes or odors
  • Won’t change the temperature of batters
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Speeds mixing and reduces overall prep time
  • BPA free
  • The biggest advantage of this exciting addition to your mixer is that the SideSwipe totally eliminated the tedious, time-consuming chore of stopping the mixer over and over to scrape down the sides of the bowl and mix the ingredients.
Side by side creaming comparison

Side by side creaming comparison

The SideSwipe is best-suited and works wonderfully for most mixtures where a flat beater is used, especially for cakes, creaming butter, mashed potatoes and much more. It is not recommended for stiff doughs such as breads. Try some of my Real Food Living healthy recipes with the SideSwipe. Here are some suggestions:

Where can you get this wonderous invention for your kitchen and which model do you need? Check out the SideSwipe website! The SideSwipe is also available at Be sure to find your correct model at the SideSwipe info center first! Scroll to the bottom of the page for SideSwipe models to fit your mixer.

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