Automatic Soy Milk Maker: SoyaPower Plus

The newest technology to hit the automatic soymilk maker market is found in the SoyaPower Plus.

Just what is the “Plus” in the SoyaPower Plus? It is the advanced filterless design that not only offers the easiest soymilk making operation available, but completely changes the options for making homemade non-dairy milks and broths.

The “Plus” is the patented Tornado Grinding System™ which transforms the SoyaPower Plus into a powerhouse machine, with no filter to clean.

The features that I rated so highly on the SoyaPower are included in the SoyaPower Plus; features such as outer insulation covering that surrounds the stainless interior of the machine which makes the machine cooler to touch and also muffles the machine’s noise. I also really like the metal latches that secure the machine head to the body for added assurance. The SoyaPower Plus also retained the automatic shutoff switch as an added security measure. As a mom with children at home, I appreciate these extra features for our safety.

The new SoyaPower Plus not only kept all the great features of the SoyaPower, but improved upon it! Programmable cycle features are expanded in the SoyaPower Plus, making the machine more versatile. The SoyaPower Plus boasts the most pre-programmed operations (4 separate one-touch operations) for a wide variety of combinations or beans, grains, nuts, seeds or legumes.

The four pre-programmed one-touch operations for the SoyaPower Plus are:

  • Beans + (Any beans other than soy beans)
  • Soy Beans (For excellent soy milk)
  • Soy + (For combinations using soy beans and other ingredients, such as soy beans and grains)
  • Rice + (For making soups using grains such as rice, or millet)

How to use the SoyaPower Plus

  1. Place pure water into the stainless SoyaPower Plus container, between the two marks for minimum and maximum water.
  2. Place soaked and drained beans, or rinsed grains directly into the container, into the water.
  3. Attach the Tornado Grinding SystemTM to the machine head.
  4. Place the machine head into place and secure the latches.
  5. Plug the SoyaPower Plus power cord into the wall socket.
  6. Choose the correct cycle and press the button to start the cycle.
  7. When the cycle is finished, you’ll hear a beep and the cycle is finished!
  8. If desired, strain the liquid through the strainer that is provided with the SoyaPower Plus.
  9. Refer to the User Manual for the simple cleanup directions.

SoyaPower Plus SoymilkMaker

  • 700 watts
  • Weight: 5 pounds 4 ounces
  • Height: 11 1/4 inches high with handle in the down position, 13 3/4 inches with handle in up position
  • Canister (inner): Stainless steel with pouring spout
  • Canister (outer): Thermo-plastic cover with side handle, which provides insulation and noise reduction
  • Steel Tornado Grinding System™ funnel instead of a filter
  • Machine head outer: Thermo-plastic with electronic controls, 4 separate cycles
  • Retractable top handle
  • Safety shut-off switch
  • Metal latches
  • Machine head components in contact with the liquid: Stainless steel
  • 4 steel grinding blades
  • Capacity 1.6 liters
  • Plastic drip pan
  • Metal strainer
  • Plastic pitcher
  • Cleaning utensils

SoyaPower Plus Advantages

  • Materials that come in contact with the beverages are quality stainless steel
  • Steel Tornado Grinding System™ funnel instead of a filter
  • Four pre-programmed press-button choices for making perfect non-dairy milks and broths from nuts, beans, grains, rice, seeds and any combination of them.
  • Stainless steel canister has pouring spout and a rolled top, making pouring less messy
  • The stainless steel canister’s one-piece construction prevents the soymilk from dripping in between the layer of plastic and steel
  • Plastic cover over the stainless steel canister reduces noise and temperature during operation. Control pad is programmable for custom cycles and additional function options
  • Cycle are fast — approximately 16 -18 minutes depending on choice of cycle
  • Includes an added safety shut-off switch
  • Plastic drip pan included to stand machine head when not in use; very helpful when removing machine head from the canister when hot
  • Metal mesh strainer included, as well as cleaning tools
  • 4 grinding blades, compared to 2 blades on other models
  • Detailed user manual and free recipe book
  • Toll-free order line and Customer Service
  • Speedy shipping to all U.S. customers from Sanlinx’s, Tennessee wholesale warehouse
  • Excellent Customer Service and warranty

SoyaPower Disadvantages

  • None noted

Overall conclusion
I highly recommend the SoyaPower Plus as a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle and for anyone desiring to make the freshest, healthiest soy, nut, seed, legume or grain milk at home.

SoyaPower Plus
Sanlinx Inc.
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Morristown, TN 37814
Toll-free order line 24 hours 1-888-228-3082
Customer service toll free 1-866-769-6262

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