Automatic Soy Milk Maker: SoyQuick Premier SQ930P

Since I began reviewing soymilk makers years ago, I have been thrilled at the changes and upgrades that are continually being made to these wonderful tools. Case in point; the new SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker 930P which replaced the filter in the previous models with new Grind Right Technology™. What this consists of is a stainless steel funnel that attaches to the bottom of the machine head (where the filter used to be) and it covers the 4 grinding blades. The Grind Right Technology™ grinding cover creates a powerful vortex of swirling water and soybeans and grinds them to a smooth, rich texture. Once the cycle is finished, simply pour the milk through the strainer (provided) into a clean pitcher and save the okara for use. It is so simple and so much easier with the new filterless grinding technology. For myself, I don’t always strain the soymilk, especially if I’m making tofu. Some of the milks come out so smooth, there is no straining required.

The SoyQuick Premier 930P is a new generation of soymilk makers with the filterless design that completely change making homemade soymilk. I took notice that it is called a “milk maker” and not a “soymilk maker” any longer. This is to emphasize the versatility of this machine and what ingredients can be used in it. Yes, it makes excellent soymilk, but it does SO much more! Not only soy beans, but multigrains, nuts, seeds, legumes and combinations can be made into delicious non-dairy milks or soups.

The User Manual is impressive, complete with custom, creative recipes that instantly get you started making non-dairy milks. As a cookbook author and certified Recipephile, I could not wait to dive into the exciting, innovative recipes and techniques found in the SoyQuick Premier User Manual. The User Manual also includes step-by-step instructions for making tofu and soy yogurt. The homemade organic tofu is amazing! It tastes fresh and clean and I personally prefer to make tofu with my organic soybeans. If you’ve never tasted organic, homemade tofu, you are in for a treat. And it’s so fast and simple with the SoyQuick Premier 930P, tofu maker, coagulator and instructions in the User Manual.

The SoyQuick Premier 930P is extremely easy to use, easier than using a coffee maker and even easier to clean. The best features of the SoyQuick Soymilk Maker are found in the new SoyQuick Premier 930P, but with the new model has added advantages that make the 930P the most advanced Soy Quick model available. The new 3 pre-programmed cycles are Soymilk, Multigrain and Mung Bean. Using these cycles helps to insure that the grind is smooth and perfectly matches for the ingredients used.

SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker Model SQ930P

  • 800 watts
  • Weight: 4 pounds 14 ounces
  • Height: 14 inches, including top handle
  • Canister (inner and outer): Stainless steel. Heavy plastic handle on the outside
  • Steel Grind Right Technology™ grinding cover instead of a filter
  • Machine head outer: Heavy plastic with electronic controls and top handle
  • Machine head components in contact with the liquid: Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 1.6 liter
  • Safety shut-off switch

SoyQuick Premier 930P Advantages

  • Materials that come in contact with the beverages are quality stainless steel
  • Steel Grind Right TechnologyTM grinding cover instead of a filter
  • Steel canister has pouring spout and has a rolled top, making pouring less messy
  • Control pad has 3 programmable cycles
  • Cycle length is fast — approximately 16-18 minutes depending on the cycle
  • Includes an added safety shut-off switch
  • Detailed, informative User Manual with exciting new custom recipes
  • Excellent Customer Service, even after the sale
  • Toll-free ordering and excellent Customer Service

SoyQuick Premier 930P Disadvantages

  • None noted

Overall conclusion

The SoyQuick Premier 930P works easily, quickly and produces excellent non-dairy beverages. The SoyQuick is an excellent, well-made soymilk maker and consistently performs well as advertised. The SoyQuick Premier 930P includes an added safety shut-off switch designed to halt operation should the machine head become unseated. The manual instructions are detailed and very helpful, the machine works easily, quickly and produces excellent non-dairy beverages. The company is friendly and available via phone, fax or email and they are very willing to help the customer, even after the sale. The tofu kit and coagulator included in my order worked easily and produced a mild, delicious tofu. I highly recommend the SoyQuick Premier 930P.

SoyQuick Premier 930P
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