Stacking Tips for Steel Egg Bite Cups

Push Pan / Mini Mold Cups Stacking Tips

Having 2 sets of Hatrigo Push Pan and 7 Egg Bite Cup sets works perfectly for me because I make double batches in my mini mold cups all the time. My favorite is making 14 of my Cheeseburger Egg Bites. My daughter eats 2 of these every morning (along with my AF hash brown bites) and I like to make them both in advance so she can grab and go all week.

Cheeseburger Egg Bites Recipe

Some things that I have tried for stacking and have worked for me that I wanted to share.

Raise the pans
I have used trivets and slinged trivets but now I use my Hatrigo steamer basket as the trivet/carrier. It holds both sets of pans and can easily be lifted in and out via the handle and keeps it all together. I never put pans directly on the bottom of the Instant Pot liner.

Grease well
I make sure my lovely stainless steel mini mold cups are greased well. I use my own combo of avocado oil and sunflower lecithin. Non-stick sprays are fine as well.

Filling and Covering
Fill the first set of cups just below the rim because if the recipe puffs up, it will hit the “ceiling” of the cover or pan on top and flatten out. If I am using a cover for the food (not every recipe requires a cover), place the first / bottom set in the steamer basket or slinged trivet, press the pan’s handle down to the side of the pan and place the cover on. I place a sheet of parchment that was cut to fit over the cups or use the parchment that came with the Hatrigo push pan / mini mold set.

Headroom (optional)
If you have the room (I have an 8 quart IP and use an 8 quart Hatrigo steamer basket) and want to leave some headroom for the bottom set, you can place a trivet on top that gives a few inches between the two pans.

Fill the second set. Place on top of the first set directly, the cover or trivet inside the steamer basket. Cover as desired. For my egg bites, I use parchment then foil (because I don’t cook with foil), but you can use foil alone if you desire. Just something to keep excess moisture out of the food so it won’t become soggy. Again, it not necessary with every recipe.

With the handle of the steamer basket, lift the stacked pans and place them in the Instant Pot inner liner that has 1 ½ cups of water in it.

Cover the Instant Pot with the lid and proceed with the recipe as directed.

Do not add time to the recipe, the IP should take longer to come to pressure to allow for the extra mass. *However, if your results are not the same as with one pan, you might need to experiment and adjust times. It depends on the recipe. I have not had to increase or decrease time when stacking with my recipes, yet, but each recipe is different.

When cooking is finished and pressure is released depending on the recipe, lift the steamer basket out of the Instant Pot using the handle. I like to separate the pans and let them cool before removing from the cups. The time depends on the recipe. For my egg bites, I prefer 10 minutes of cooling in the cups after 10 minutes of NPR. The egg bites are still hot, but much more “stable” and after running a knife around the edges, they slide right out as I flip them over onto the plate.

For this recipe, I ate the middle egg bite from each pan to see if there was a difference in how they cooked. Other than the bottom set is a little shorter (remember, I filled them less full), the doneness, taste, texture, everything was exactly the same. It may be different with different recipes.

I soak the Hatrigo pans and cups in hot water and a dash of dish soap before washing.

Hatrigo Steel Push Pan and 7 Egg Bite Cup set


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