Automatic Soy Milk Makers VII – Final Comparisons

I have had the privilege and fun of testing and reviewing several popular brands of soymilk makers: SoyQuick, SoyaJoy, SoyaPower and SoyToy. For more detailed information on each model review, please see the individual Product Reviews.


Both the SoyaPower and the SoyQuick have NEW models that use filterless technology!! Please see these reviews as these models are my new favorite soymilk makers!

SoyaPower PLUS Review

SoyQuick Premier SQ930P Review

Comparing the SoyQuick and SoyaJoy:

Because the SoyQuick (see the SoyQuick Product Review), which was formerly marketed as the “SoyLife” brand, and the SoyaJoy (see the SoyaJoy Product Review) are basically the same machine, the operation, results and product reviews comparing these two machines are identical. Both of these machines are excellent, well-made soymilk makers that consistently perform well and produce a wonderful product. I have recommended the SoyaJoy and been very happy with it in my own use. And since testing and personally using the SoyQuick and the updated SoyaJoy model (SJ-5) side by side, I am happy using and recommending either model. Both machines tested performed equally well and are identical in function.

Until recently, I could not recommend the SoyaJoy as it was not U.L. listed; however, the newer SoyaJoy (SJ-5) model being sold in the U.S. is now U.L. listed. The U.L. (Underwriter’s Laboratories) certification is an important feature for me personally for choosing a safe product for use in my home and around my family. Because a product is U.L. certified, I know that it has passed testing and met industry standards to ensure quality and safety of the parts used, manufacturing and operation. Also, as part of the U.L. safety standards, both the SoyQuick and the SoyaJoy have a safety shut-off switch. This switch is designed to halt the operation cycle should the machine head become unseated during operation. With children around the kitchen, I am grateful for that extra safety feature included in both of these machines. To read more about the U.L. certification and standards, please visit:

Comparing the SoyaPower:

The SoyaPower is the next offering in the soymilk maker market, distributed by Sanlinx, the company which also distributes the SoyaJoy. The SoyaPower has exciting new features (see the SoyaPower Product Review) that, in my opinion, set it apart from either the SoyQuick or the SoyaJoy, even though both of those machines are excellent quality machines and perform well. As noted in my review, some of what I consider as disadvantages of the SoyQuick and SoyaJoy, have been addressed and rectified in the SoyaPower. I am thrilled with the new features of the SoyaPower, especially for families with young children, as the features create a safer environment when making soymilk at home. Since the performance of the SoyaPower equals the SoyQuick and SoyaJoy, the added features add another option and choice of soymilk makers. Since all three are U.L listed and perform extremely well, I can recommend all three machines as solid choices and good investments.

Comparing the features of the SoyaPower to the SoyQuick and the SoyaJoy, my personal preference is the SoyaPower.

Comparing the SoyToy:

The SoyToy is no longer available for new purchase, but there may still be some floating around. If you run across one at a thrift store, I hope this review is helpful to you.

Unfortunately, I would not consider the SoyToy as a wise purchase (see the SoyToy Product Review) for multiple reasons. One of the most grievous is the obvious lack of quality manufacturing in the machine. In addition, the design is extremely flawed and the performance and product are not in the same quality class as the three models listed above. The SoyToy is more expensive than other models which are better made and deliver a superior non-dairy milk than the SoyToy. I do not recommend the SoyToy.


The SoyQuick, SoyaJoy and the SoyaPower machines are well worth the investment. The machines perform consistently and identically. I suggest finding the best price, either at your local store or online (the distributors often have sales and specials). Check for the best warranty and Customer Service. The SoyaPower has added features that enhance the soymilk making process which makes it an excellent buy and wise investment. I cannot recommend the SoyToy.

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