Global Sun Oven

Harness the free energy from the sun to bake, broil, steam, dehydrate and even more. The idea of using the sun to cook our food is not a new one, in fact, it’s ages old and successfully used with many variations. Today you can find solar cookers in all shapes, sizes, design, price ranges and […]

WonderMill Grain Mill

This review was performed on the new and improved WonderMill. The most significant changes are to the design and employing a larger motor, resulting in an extremely powerfull inpact mill which can be turned off during milling. Check out this video which shows the improved WonderMill doing exactly that. The WonderMill Grain Mill Weight: 8 […]

Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill

Advertised as “The World’s BEST Hand Grain Mill” the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is the latest offering by the same people who bring us the WonderMill electric grain mill. The WonderMill has been a staple for home milling and is known for its quality and performance over the past decade. The Wonder Junior Hand […]

SideSwipe Spatula Paddle for Standing Mixers

If you have a standing mixer, such as Kitchen Aid, you know all too well that you must stop and “scrape down the sides of the bowl” during the mixing process. Until now…

Enclume’s New “Rack It Up!”

Dear Readers, have you ever cast your eyes longingly and lovingly upon those gorgeous hanging pot racks and wished with all your heart that your kitchen and / or budget could handle one? Can you just imagine how a pot rack would transform your kitchen ambiance as well as show off your cookware and to top it off, create a neat and tidy storage solution? The wait is finally is over!

Brooklyn Bagel Slicer

Yum. Those round, dense, chewy, tasty bites of history now grace the plates of people from all over the world. Toasted or not, slathered with cream cheese, lox and whitefish, or topped with pizza or sandwich fixin’s…bagels are mainstream! McDonald’s even has had Breakfast Bagel sandwiches filled with egg and cheese.

Morningware Infrared Halogen Oven

The Morningware oven is fun to use and it works quickly and efficiently to cook so many types of foods. I find myself using it several times a day, almost every day.

Automatic Soy Milk Maker: SoyaPower Plus

The newest technology to hit the automatic soymilk maker market is found in the SoyaPower Plus. Just what is the “Plus” in the SoyaPower Plus? It is the advanced filterless design that not only offers the easiest soymilk making operation available, but completely changes the options for making homemade non-dairy milks and broths. The “Plus” […]

Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box

As every cat owner knows, the most disagreeable part about having one or several indoor cats is the cat litter dilemma. What litter is best? What type of litter box to use– open, covered, with or without a door, automatic rake type or the Litter-Robot. Several other considerations with dealing with litter and litter boxes […]

Wrapping It Up!

Not only can you make your own healthful tortillas at home with simple instructions and delicious recipes, but Wrapping It Up! has delivered creative uses for great-tasting fillings and family meals. Come and enjoy the world of wraps with Vickilynn Haycraft and Wrapping It Up! Wrapping It Up!, by cookbook author, product reviewer and magazine […]