Grain Mills and interview

Are you interesting in learning about the options for grain mills? Electric, non-electric, convertible and what you can do with a grain mill? Tune in to Know Your Food with Wardee for this episode where Wardee interviews me and we discuss all things grain mills! You can listen immediately on the player below, On Demand later […]

Making Homemade Corn and Wheat Tortillas

This recipe is from my first cookbook, “Wrapping It Up! Making Sensational, All-Occasion Wrappers and Fabulous Family Meals“, I think you’ll love this easy, tasty recipe. For my family, we quadruple the recipe, make taco shells and tortilla chips and freeze the extras. I posted this recipe and technique over at Baking Whole Grains, please come […]

New WonderMill Grain Mill Review

Please come and check out the newest review, the updated version of the WonderMill!

WonderMill Grain Mill

This review was performed on the new and improved WonderMill. The most significant changes are to the design and employing a larger motor, resulting in an extremely powerfull inpact mill which can be turned off during milling. Check out this video which shows the improved WonderMill doing exactly that. The WonderMill Grain Mill Weight: 8 […]

Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill

Advertised as “The World’s BEST Hand Grain Mill” the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill is the latest offering by the same people who bring us the WonderMill electric grain mill. The WonderMill has been a staple for home milling and is known for its quality and performance over the past decade. The Wonder Junior Hand […]