Book Review and Giveaway: Duct Tape 911

A book dedicated to duct tape? Duct tape has been called the most important item you can store besides food and water. Why? Because duct tape can do so many things! We’ve all seen the lists on the internet about duct tape, but The Survival Doctor, James Hubbard, M.D.,M.P.H., has written a wonderful, informative book on the […]

Review: Breville Countertop Smart Oven

Countertop convection ovens / toaster ovens are extremely popular for many excellent reasons. They: are portable great for RVs, cabins, traveling, small spaces, special occasions can save a great deal of electricity due to their smaller size and faster cooking provide extra oven space for large cooking / baking jobs (especially for family and holiday […]

Review: SoyaJoy G4

Nut milks, grain milks, bean and seed milks are not only delicious, they are also extremely nutritious and versatile. Especially helpful for those with dairy sensitivities, alternatives to dairy milks can be used for drinking, cooking, baking, smoothies and even making yogurt and cheese. Purchasing store-bought non-dairy milks can be cost prohibitive, but even more […]

Review: Sylvia Britton’s Thanksgiving Planner

Holiday celebrations can be filled with family, food, fun, fellowship…and frenzy. Do you want to make your holiday celebrations without the stress? Sylvia Britton walks us through creating an atmosphere of joy without anxiety in celebrating Thanksgiving with her Thanksgiving Planner. Sylvia’s Thanksgiving Planner starts off with an essential topic; a brief history of Thanksgiving […]

Review: Sun Oven Dehydrating and Baking Set

Dehydrating foods is an effective and economical way to create a real food storage.  You can dehydrate foods for short-term or long-term storage. Especially in the season of garden growing, Farmer’s markets, bartering and an abundance of fresh foods available, dehydrating these foods while plentiful makes good sense economically as well as practically.  Dehydrated foods are […]

Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker

Do you love Greek yogurt and yogurt (cream) cheese? Are you seeking a healthy, homemade, inexpensive alternative to cream cheese or sour cream? Then, this handy manual yogurt cheese maker is perfect for you! Whether you make your own raw milk yogurt, or purchase yogurt with actives cultures, the Donvier Yogurt Cheese maker will perform […]