Diligent Shopping December Day One

It’s December! Halleluyah! A new month filled with hope possibilities, holidays, faith, family, food and fun! We just finished No-Shopping November, where we did not shop at ALL (except for a turkey) and ate completely from food storage. You can read all the posts here, last posts are listed at the top. I have the recipes set aside here, but I am adding to them, so keep checking back if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

The goal for Diligent Shopping December is to replenish our food storage that we used, purchase what we need to eat for the month, purchase holiday meal fixins, purchase gifts, purchase essential oils and herbs, purchase grass-fed beef in bulk. We can only do this by wise choices and saying “no” to some things that we want, but really do not need. I hope you’ll join me!

Happy December 1st!

Happy December 1st!


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Day One

Grass-fed beef bulk buy – This is a huge expense for us as it comes all at once. We buy in bulk to get the best product at the best price. We buy usually once or twice a year.  We opted to go ahead and get this now, because the farmer has it ready and he won’t butcher again until next Fall. So, it’s now, or not until next Fall. We chose now, but this takes a big bite out of December available funds.

Essential Oils– I placed a restock order for essential oils that we use daily from Heritage Essential Oils. They are a non-MLM family business and have blessed us with quality essential oils. We re-stocked Plague Defense and Regeneration.

Food Storage – Honeyville is having a 20% discount on the entire order (this only happens once or twice a year) so I replenished dried eggs for our storage. The sale ends 12/3/14, so there is still time. They have a wide selection of food, baking goods, gluten-free baking supplies and emergency supplies.

Bulk– I placed our Azure Standard order for December which is due tomorrow. We usually order once a month, and we buy in bulk to get the better prices. We did NOT order in November, so there are things we need to catch up on, but we can only spend about half of what we normally do. And instead of purchasing case lots to get a lower price individually, we are mostly ordering a few of the items, just to get us through December. Here is our list:

Rumiano Family Organic Smoked Mozzarella     8 oz
Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil     120 caps
Fresh Produce Carrots #1, Org       5 lbs.
Bulk Cashews, Raw,       Org         5 lbs.
Mission Mountain Eggs, Pasture Run, Org
Purity Farms Ghee Clarified Butter, Org   13 oz
Fresh Produce Ginger, Org          1/2 LB
Crofter’s Strawberry Just Fruit Spread Org     10 ozs.
Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos, Raw,     16.9 oz
Fresh Produce Potatoes, Yellow, Org     50 lbs.
Bulk Baking Soda                                         50 lbs.
Rumiano Monterey Jack Cheese, Org     5 lbs.
Bulk Sunflower Lecithin, Liquid   Non-GMO      32 ozs.
Bulk Broccoli Florets, Frozen, Org     5 lbs.
Napa Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Org     1 gallon
Bulk Cane Sugar, Org                     25 lbs.
Sucanat, Org                                        25 lbs
Bulk Green Beans, Frozen, Org      5 lbs

We’ll pick up some chicken and some small stuff, mostly organic fresh produce, at our local Earth Fare, when we get out to shop. Right now, it’s all about getting our son into surgery and home to recover, shopping can come later.



Baked Whole Wheat Pumpkin Cranberry waffles

Turkey soup with matzah balls
Whole wheat potato knishes

Last of the Thanksgiving leftovers. You’d think we’d be sick of them by now, but the kids said they wished there was more of it!


This now mindset is going to take some getting used to. From the no shopping at all, to the somewhat shopping, it’s a little vague and vagueness makes me uncomfortable. I prefer clear boundaries. With no shopping, I knew exactly where my limits were. It’s a bit more challenging not to overspend trying to replace, replenish and meet the special needs for December. This will take constant prayer and careful planning to be able to get what we need done. I’m looking forward to the challenge!


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