No-Shopping November Day Eleven

Day Eleven. Tuesday. A “normal” day for us (hey, what IS normal anyway? I don’t know anyone who’s normal and what’s a normal day?), so we did our regular chores, school work and kitchen chores. I’m working on my Thanksgiving menu right now and I’m focusing on setting aside enough of the supplies on hand to ensure we have a special, traditional Thanksgiving meal. The only thing we agreed to buy in November is the turkey. I will order a 16-18 pound heritage turkey from our local store. Because it’s “No-Shopping November” I can only purchase one turkey, for Thanksgiving only, which is different for us because I usually order two turkeys at the same time, one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. I’ll share my Thanksgiving menu when it’s completed.

If you missed the previous posts in this series, you can catch up here. The oldest posts are on the bottom, newest on top. You’ll find all the recipes for No-Shopping November on this page.


Homemade whole wheat matzah makes great crackers

Homemade whole wheat matzah makes great crackers


Day Eleven

Beauty / Health
I re-thinking my hair washing regimen. For several years, I’ve been using baking soda and vinegar as a hair wash and rinse. It is known as the “No-Poo” method (as in No Shampoo, not the other poo. Don’t laugh, I KNOW you were thinking it!) There are several reasons that I chose to stop using commercial, even good quality, organic shampoos, the top reasons are the checmicals added to most shampoos are dangerous, especially for women, the cost and the storage factor. Baking soda and vinegar are inexpensive, I keep them both in storage and they’ve made my hair lovely (well, kinda). I have thinning hair anyway due to genetic predisposition, and it appears that perhaps my No-Poo efforts have caused more hair thinning. I’m not sure they are the culprits (more concern is about baking soda for hair thinning), but I want to give my hair a break from them and see if there is a difference. As I said, I’ve been using the baking soda and vinegar almost exclusively for several years and perhaps it’s time to try something new. I know some people use water only as their “No-Poo” method, but our well-water does not make that possible (I’ve tried). So, I’ll share what I’m doing as I do it. For now, it has to be from what we have on hand since we’re not buying toiletries or beauty supplies in November.

Made baked wild salmon patties from canned salmon (cans from food storage)
Made more whole wheat crackers (Haycraft Homemade Matzah)
Made chocolate almond milk
Made homemade ginger ale
Made garlic bread with homemade bread
Removed 2 loaves of homemade bread from the freezer to thaw
Removed  #10 can of powdered eggs from the food storage
I meant to roast the green beans for supper, but ran out of time, so we didn’t have any veggies with supper (I guess we’ll survive).


Baked Oatmeal, sweetened cashew milk

Matzah Ball Soup, whole wheat (matzah) crackers
Salmon Patty sandwiches on homemade whole wheat bread

Whole wheat pasta, homemade marinara, garlic bread on homemade whole wheat bread


I know I said I was going to put aside any more cracker making for awhile, but anyone that knows me, knows that when I am working on a recipe (for my books, columns or special occasions), I like to keep working on it until I get it right. I just get in the “recipe zone” and I don’t want to quit until it works and tastes right. So, today, I decided to fall back on a recipe I created years ago for our Passover celebration and for matzah balls, Haycraft Homemade Matzah. I decided to make this as our crackers. AND, it worked! YAY! The cool thing is, I made a double-batch of the recipe and used one-half of the recipe today and refrigerated the other half to make tomorrow. The reason I divided it up is due to limited energy (mine) and I wanted to hand-roll the matzah today and use a pasta roller tomorrow. The family REALLY liked having my matzah recipe as crackers (I baked them a little longer to make them extra crispy) and they were very yummy with hummus and just for chomping.




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