No-Shopping November Day Nineteen

Day Nineteen. Back at home for the day, which is much easier to handle than having to be in town all day. As I wrote yesterday, we did not take food with us and spent most of the day in town, so we ended up having to eat out (son bought our meal), which we do not consider a successful strategy, yet we felt we had no choice given our circumstances. However, this IS a wonderful learning opportunity as I wrote in the beginning of the month, and since it illuminates those areas where we need to do better, as we replenish and revamp our plans, we can pay special attention to those areas that we are discovering need changing.

If you missed the previous posts in this series, you can catch up here. The oldest posts are on the bottom, newest on top. You’ll find all the recipes for No-Shopping November on this page.

Today, son is home in bed, recovering from yesterday’s ordeal and the pain that was increased because of it. I plan to sit down with some recipes and our inventory of available foods and try to come up with some new ideas.

Where we are: our grass-fed beef is almost at the end of the supply, just a few pounds left. The next order is due to come in after Thanksgiving, just in time for the No-Shopping November to end (hopefully!) and we will be glad to get some beef meals going again. In the meantime, I need to make this beef stretch. Chicken is gone, except for the 2, 4-cups portions I froze from last week’s chicken and some chicken in storage. Veggies are not many and not varied, as I wrote previously, I see that this area was not properly planned at all and we need to focus on that when we are able to shop. Eggs are gone. The powdered eggs are working fine in baking thus far, I used more today in my quick roll recipe.

Oh! Oh! A friend asked if we wanted 2 dozen fresh eggs! Well, of course, we said “YES PLEASE!”  🙂 So, I may make scrambled eggs for brunch because I feel egg-rich!


Beef vegetable stew and whole wheat rolls

Beef vegetable stew and whole wheat rolls

Day Nineteen

Health / Beauty
I’m still using baking soda to wash my hair and vinegar to rinse it. I’m using homemade deodorant, homemade toothpaste and essential oils for health. I hand-wash dishes using baking soda only and I only use vinegar and the anti-bacterial cycle for the dishwasher. We’ll start using cloth napkins instead of paper ones. I use baking soda and vinegar plus a bit of Tide HE for laundry.

Made beef vegetable soup; used 2 pounds of thawed grass-fed beef, home-canned beef broth, dry quinoa, cooked and dehydrated rice, last of the fresh carrots, frozen corn, leftover roasted green beans, spices
Made small batch of 30-minute rolls using powdered eggs


Almond milk cocoa

Supper before church
Beef veggie soup and whole wheat rolls

After church
Beef veggie soup and whole wheat rolls

We are feeling better tummy-wise so more food is needed again to keep everyone’s appetites satisfied. I find I am looking for more ways to stretch the food out, instead of asking the family to eat less. I also don’t wish to make too many changes to our regular food, especially during times of stress, when they need nourishment. I”ll admit, I am counting the days to when we can shop, but because of these latest emergency costs with our son (uninsured) and his medical injury and upcoming surgery, we won’t be shopping “normally” for quite some time. The lessons we are learning now will help us as we go into this season of cutting costs while paying medical bills. It’s about prioritizing what we need and not spending money on what we don’t.




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