No-Shopping November Day Ten

Day Ten. Monday is usually a recovery day if we’ve had a busy weekend. I do plan some kitchen chores, household chores and we’re back to our regular home schooling schedule. It’s a very good thing that our plans are designed to be flexible, because we needed flexible today. We still have some leftover meal foods because several of us have not been feeling well. Instead of making a new meal as I had planned, we’ll finish up what’s in the fridge. Nothing else has changed.

If you missed the previous posts in this series, you can catch up here. The oldest posts are on the bottom, newest on top. You’ll find all the recipes for No-Shopping November on this page.

*Note: If it seems as if we eat a LOT of homemade chicken soup with matzah balls, well we do. Several of us deal with tummy issues and we like to eat traditional, homemade chicken soup as it is a soothing nourishing food. You all may not eat a food as much as we do, but we like to eat soup every day until it runs out.


Chicken Zoodle and Matzah Ball Soup


Day Ten


Baked Oatmeal, sweetened cashew milk

Matzah ball soup

Saucy Chicken and Broccoli
Whole wheat crackers


I panicked today. Just a little bit 🙂 I use stevia powder every day in my water and I finished up a bottle of stevia powder today. I wanted to cry. Stevia is something I know I could live without, but it sure makes my life (and my life as a diabetic) a bit sweeter. It’s almost like my guilty pleasure. Because of IC, I don’t drink coffee or tea, I cannot have chocolate, tomatoes, citrus fruits or a host of other foods, but I SO enjoy ice water with stevia. So, as I tossed the empty bottle in the trash, I had to quell the rising panic. Then, I remembered my plans ( buy several of the same items at once when replenishing the stocks) and I saw that I had 2 bottles left in my storage! Halleluyah!!! Remember, when you buy something you like for storage, buy several of them.



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