No-Shopping November Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen. Thursday.  I awoke to the gorgeous aroma of chickens slow cooking overnight. (Did you know an aroma could be gorgeous?) What a wonderful way to wake up. Some people enjoy waking up to the fragrance of coffee brewing, but I don’t drink coffee and I prefer the rich bouquet of homemade chicken soup cooking. There is something so familiar, so simple and complex, so nourishing, comforting and soothing about homemade chicken soup. At least for me, as chicken soup, especially matzah ball soup was / is an important part of our meals and menus, growing up as well as today.

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Day Thirteen

Health / Beauty
After talking with more friends who use the baking soda and vinegar hair wash and rinse, I’m doing more reading on it. In the meantime, I’ll continue using the baking soda and vinegar about twice a week in the shower. I use about 1 teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in 2 cups of warm water, pour the mixture over my hair and massage in. Then I rinse several times with warm water, and repeat with 1 teaspoon vinegar to 2 cups of water and rinse several times.  In between the baking soda and vinegar washings, I wash with water only.

We are continuing to use the homemade organic ginger ale I make every few days. Hubby’s tummy is doing much better, he’s even been able to eat some toast and crackers I’ve made along with the homemade chicken soup. The ginger ale  and chicken soup seem to be healing him and we are thankful to be able to make them from what we have on hand. One of our daughters has chronic tummy upset due to a genetic disorder, and she uses the ginger ale as an anti-nausea helper. It calms her nausea down and then she too can eat chicken soup and other healing foods. Again, the recipes are posted on the recipe page, linked above.

Made another round of whole wheat crackers. I used the remaining half of the dough that I had placed in the fridge the other day, so it was very easy just to take the dough and make the crackers. This time, I used a pasta roller to roll out the crackers since my arms were still store from hand-rolling the previous batch. Good to know if you have a rolling pin, you can make nice thin crackers, but as long as I have a pasta roller, I think from now on I’ll use that, and save my arms. The recipe I used is my matzah recipe and I used 2 ounces of dough per cracker.

Pasta roller for whole wheat crackers

Pasta roller for whole wheat crackers


Baked whole wheat crackers

Baked whole wheat crackers


Whole wheat matzah crackers rolled by hand

Whole wheat matzah crackers rolled by hand



Late meal, most ate matzah ball soup

Leftover gluten-free salmon patties, gluten-free buttered garlic pasta, and matzah ball soup

Whole wheat crackers

The past few days had several of us not feeling well, not much appetite, so the foods have been more soothing and easy on the tummy and easy to fix. With several of us dealing with chronic health issues, we will do that sometimes, where your family might use something else, or a new food, we tend to ask for more gentle foods. I made pasta and marinara the other day, but no one wanted to eat anything with tomatoes, fearing it would irritate tummies (and I cannot eat tomatoes because of the acid), so I’ll dehydrate the dish to serve when the family is feeling better.  Sometimes, in stressful situations, soothing food, easy to prepare and consume,  can soothe more than upset tummies.

*Note: The pasta roller is the wonderful attachment to my Ankarsrum mixer. I did a review on the mixer and will be doing my review on the pasta roller. I am in total love with both of them.




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