No-Shopping November Day Twelve

Day Twelve. Wednesday is usually a busy day for us; some going to work, some going to homeschool enrichment classes and then later to church. Foods need to have been prepared in advance (at least the day before) for fast and easy breakfast, portable to take lunch for work, a snack after school, light meal before church and a light snack after church. In the past, when I had not been able to get these meals done the day before, when we were out in town, we resorted to grabbing something to eat while out, or bringing back take out food. Because this is “No Shopping November”, the only option is to use what we have on hand. If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll what I made in advance for today. (If you think this paragraph looks familiar, you’re correct, I inadvertently placed it in yesterday’s post, which has been edited to reflect the correct day’s information.)

If you missed the previous posts in this series, you can catch up here. The oldest posts are on the bottom, newest on top. You’ll find all the recipes for No-Shopping November on this page.

Back to being flexible. I had planned to roll out and bake off the rest of crackers today, but the energy was just not there. Good thing my family understands being flexible and they go with the flow, usually very graciously. We did have a bunch of crackers left, and lots of good ol’ homemade bread. I’m very thankful for batch cooking and baking.

Baking soda and vinegar

Day Twelve

Beauty / Health
I talked with a friend of mine online (Hi Rainy!!!) and she commented on my concern about the baking soda and vinegar causing my increasing hair loss. Rainy has been using the same method for several years, she has very thick hair and even has to have it thinned when she gets it cut. I’ll keep reading about it and see if there are other options with similar results.

Made gluten-free pasta with butter, garlic and cut up leftover salmon patties
Placed thawed two whole chickens in two slow coolers and slow cooked overnight


Toasted homemade bread, homemade chocolate almond milk

Matzah Ball Soup
Turkey sandwiches on homemade bread

Gluten-free rice fettuccine with butter, garlic and salmon
Whole wheat pasta with marinara
Chips and hummus



Making the Thanksgiving menu was easier than I had imagined. I had been dreading it. I ordered the organic, free-range turkey today and set about checking our storage for the rest of the fixin’s. The good news is, we have about 20 pounds of fresh organic Yellow Yukon potatoes from last month (we had been buying 50 pounds a month). Yes, they are sprouting, but thus far, not spoiling. If they stay good another 2 weeks, we’ll have yummy mashed potatoes. If they don’t last that long, we have freeze-dried potatoes in storage. I also have my own cooked sweet potatoes I had placed in storage that I can rehydrate and mash. I’m so excited that the Thanksgiving supper will be a good one for the family even though we are in No-Shopping November days!



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