No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Eight

The day after Thanksgiving is our Day Twenty-Eight. We have LOTS of leftovers and everyone wants to eat the leftovers. So, not much going on today, since yesterday was so busy. Today is chill-down day for all of us. I have turkey stock in the roaster, still gently cooking. I made our customary matzah balls to go with the turkey stock and a deep dish apple pie for dessert.

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Day Twenty-Eight

Used real eggs to make matzah ball batter (that leaves us with 4 eggs)
Made whole wheat pie crusts with freshly-ground flour
Used fresh organic apples from our last Azure Standard order (2 months ago) and stored in the fridge, for the apple pie. I’m saving the cores for homemade apple cider vinegar


Our dog Lady checking out the broth

Our dog Lady checking out the broth


Turkey plate leftovers (seriously!) Turkey, green beans, mac and cheese, taters, cranberry sauce
Coffee and hot tea

Lots of snacking on the crunchy dehydrated spiced garbanzo beans! A BIG hit!

Matzah ball soup made with turkey stock
Deep dish apple pie with dairy topping (from freezer storage)

Late night snack
More turkey plate leftovers


This was the easiest Sabbath meal since everything was done except the matzah balls. Just a few more days until we can shop, but we cannot shop as we did prior to our son’s accident. I’m making my lists and checking them twice to see how we can pare them down even further and still get what we need. There are things I want to do with what we have, I’d like to can some of this turkey broth, I want to make homemade apple cider vinegar, I’d like to dehydrate some fruit in my freezer… but you know what? I’m REALLY tired. I’ll have to rest up before doing these things and in a few days, our son goes for surgery. Things will change again. I’d better pray for strength and get ‘er done! 🙂



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