No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Four

We bought our turkey!! Day Twenty-Four. Walking through Earth Fare, down the aisles, back to the meat department, passing by all the gorgeous fresh, organic produce and foods we’d love to have… I had to fight temptation to stay with No-Shopping November. Seriously. At that moment, I didn’t care about the mortgage or utilities or anything else except buying up all that fabulous food. But, thank G-d, He helped me hold on and just get our turkey and get out of the store, quickly! Why spend the money on an organic turkey when money is tight? This is something I try to do every year, but it would have been fine to get a supermarket turkey if that’s what we decided. We have to pick our battles, and not everyone’s battles are the same. I am thankful for that turkey and I am thankful that I didn’t give in to temptation to buy additional food.

Love that produce!

Love that produce!


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Today our son had more tests before surgery and another MRI. We were gone a good part of the day, but this time, we planned ahead and made sandwiches to take with us. Great plan! However, we forgot to bring the sandwiches with us. 🙂 So, I had brought some homemade rolls and some of us snacked on those when we got hungry. They kept us satiated enough to wait until we got home to eat. A victory there in not buying food while out.

Since we were away from the house, the kitchen chores were sparse and we ate what we had in the fridge. I did some kitchen chores in the evening.

Day Twenty-Four

Soaked 2 1/2 pounds of garbanzo beans (to cook and make more falafel and to dehydrate)
Soaked almonds for almond milk


Peanut butter

Beef vegetable soup
Salmon patty sandwiches

Matzah ball soup


This is definitely filed under the “Ugly” of “Good, Bad and Ugly.” It’s hard to admit, but food can be a stumbling block for me, a measure of how I’m doing, even an idol. Not just any food, mind you, the really GOOD stuff, the organic, expensive stuff. There can be a *pride* factor in buying what I consider “better” food. Also, I cannot describe the feeling of wanting to buy everything in that store, no matter the cost, no matter the consequences. It was as if a light bulb went off – I wanted it! I am so thankful that we are experiencing this time of laying it all down, learning and growing, going without, using foods that maybe are not the best options if we had the money for other options, but the food we have fills the need, and I need to be more thankful for it and not scorn it. The humbling hurts, but it’s good for the soul. Next year, perhaps I won’t buy an organic turkey unless we can afford it. We must do our best and be thankful for it all.

Romans 14:17
For the kingdom of G-d is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.





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