No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Nine

Day Twenty-Nine! Can you believe it? I can’t. It’s gone by so fast! We’re still in the throes of Thanksgiving food and it looks like we’re going to eat it all, rather than canning it, which is fine with me 🙂 Getting ready for son’s surgery, I have a lot to do, so enjoying the simplicity of Thanksgiving leftovers (which everyone is still enjoying very much) works out great. I do have plans for the leftover mashed potatoes, if the family doesn’t eat them up first! haha! I’m planning on making a childhood favorite, Potato Knishes. These are lovely little baked dough pockets filled with potatoes and onions, or meat or kasha. My favorite is potato. So, we’ll see if I can wrangle the potatoes way from my guys who can eat their weight in mashed potatoes. And, because I’ve been saving the potatoes for Thanksgiving, they haven’t had any potatoes all month (poor dears) and they are really happy about their potatoes! Also, a friend surprised us with 2 dozen eggs today, out of the blue! We are blessed.

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Day Twenty-Nine

Made 2 batches of fresh ginger ale
Made baked whole wheat pumpkin cranberry waffles (oh these are soooo good!) I used powdered eggs and apple juice for the liquid
Removed 3 loaves of homemade bread from the freezer to send home with daughter (another good reason to batch-bake)
Removed 1 loaf of bread from the freezer for us


Baked whole wheat pumpkin cranberry waffles, served with thinned maple syrup (the family did complain about how “watery” it was)
Hot tea

Dehydrated spiced garbanzo beans
Turkey sandwiches

Turkey, green beans, mashed taters, homemade bread



I am getting a bit nervous about how much we need to restock and really don’t have the funds for. I know that I need to leave it in G-d’s hands and not worry, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has trouble doing that. I am prioritizing as best I can, and asking for His wisdom in what to get first and what can wait. It’s time to replenish essential oils and herbs that we rely on daily as well. Good lessons are ones that we now know some things we can do without, with little pain, and some things we REALLY miss and can’t wait to get in the house again. That’s very helpful to me to know and it helps me to plan better. I am so thankful for this experience and its continuing lessons.




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