No-Shopping November Day Twenty-One

Wow, 3 weeks. Day Twenty-One. It doesn’t seem that long, and on the other hand, it seems much longer. Right now the focus is on getting through the last week of the month, including a traditional Thanksgiving day meal and having family come and stay for the weekend. I admit I am enjoying taking inventory daily and making and revising meal plans, it’s very challenging and stimulating. Also very enjoyable is preparing our next month’s Azure Standard order and local shopping order to replace what we’ve used. It is almost like Christmas shopping!

If you missed the previous posts in this series, you can catch up here. The oldest posts are on the bottom, newest on top. You’ll find all the recipes for No-Shopping November on this page.

Today is Friday, and sundown begins our Sabbath, and as I’ve written in previous entries, we try to have chicken matzah ball soup for this meal weekly. However, last week, I used the last 2 chickens and did not have a chicken to make soup. So, I went to our food storage and I was thankful that I had pressure canned chicken and beef stock 2 years ago. I used 4 quarts of home-canned stock and emptied them in a soup pot and brought the stock to a full boil. I boiled the stock for 10 minutes uncovered before I added in the matzah balls and tasted the seasoning. I used 8 of the eggs that were given to us, even though it’s a big requirement for eggs,  because the texture needs to be “just right” for light, fluffy matzah balls. Since I can use powdered eggs for baking, the matzah balls needed the real things.

In addition, I made a second dish (again because I don’t usually cook on the Sabbath, Saturday) and we called it Beef Pasta Stuff. I had tossed some frozen grass-fed beef pieces (end of the supply) into the slow cooker with some whole onions I had frozen, added just a tad of water and let them slow cook overnight. I cooked up 2 pounds of gluten-free brown rice noodles, shredded the beef and transferred it to the pasta pot,then strained the meat drippings, added an arrowroot slurry, spices, salt and made a lovely sauce which I added. Then I tossed in 2 cans of peas from food storage and mixed it all together. We could not come up with a descriptive name, thus it was dubbed “Beef Pasta Stuff.”  Some of the family had both the soup and the stuff 🙂 along with warm whole wheat rolls and cookies for dessert.


Raw almond milk in my SoyaJoy G4

Raw almond milk in my SoyaJoy G4

Day Twenty-One

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We don’t have any of the swiffer-thingies, but we like to steam our hardwood floors, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. We have an electric floor steamer and instead of using chemicals or plain hot water, we use a few drops of tea tree oil in water in the steamer. Tea Tree oil is regarded as an antimicrobial and antiseptic. (Remember, there are NO affiliate links anyplace on this website, I’m not selling products and I only share what I use.)

Placed frozen grass-fed beef in the slow cooker the night before and let it cook overnight and all day with whole onions.|
Removed homemade bread from freezer
Retrieved home-canned chicken and beef stock from storage
Made matzah balls
Used dried gluten-free pasta and canned peas
Made beef sauce for “Beef Pasta Stuff” with arrowroot


Almond milk cocoa

Leftover veggie soup

Chicken matzah ball soup
Beef Pasta stuff
Chewy Oatmeal cookies


As we approach the last week of No-Shopping November, I am getting more and more positive and encouraged about making it. I have held items back from being using so that we would have enough to last, and it looks like we will (L-rd willing!) The substitutions are working well for the most part and have not been too painful to use. It’s actually FUN to plan next week, including our Thanksgiving meal and having stay over family (who is dairy-free). As I mentioned, since we will be revamping our food purchases to deal with a lowered budget the next year or so (paying off medical bills), this month has shown me that G-d is able to guide us and teach us what’s important and how to help our families. These lessons are invaluable, but what is also mind-blowing is that He led us over 27 years ago to become interested in creating and maintaining a food storage system, for exactly situations such as this. Had we NOT walked in His leading and established our food storage, we would not have been able to survive this month of no money for food, without some emergency outside assistance. Thank you G-d!



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