No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Six

WOW! Day Twenty-Six and we’re still all alive, we didn’t starve and according to my hubby and kids, it’s not been bad at all, hardly noticeable. I consider this a success. However, being a realist, I understand that one month does not tell the whole story and since we used many items from storage, unless we replenish them quickly, the next few months would not be as “easy” as this first month has been.

Also, as I wrote previously, we did this No-Shopping November because of an unexpected, expensive car repair, and since that time, we have had several HUGE unplanned medical expenses as our son (uninsured and no benefits from his employment) broke his shoulder, has had xrays, 2 MRIs, upcoming surgery and 3 months at least of rehab before he can return to work. So, we are using what we have on hand to get us through several more months, not just the one one we started with. It will take us more than a year to pay off these medical debts, which cuts in to our food budget, so we must be very wise with what food we spend our money on.

If you missed the previous posts in this series, you can catch up here. The oldest posts are on the bottom, newest on top. You’ll find all the recipes for No-Shopping November on this page.

Today was all about preparation for our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. I roasted the brined turkey, deboned the meat, placed the bones back in the roaster to create a lovely, rich turkey stock. For the garbano beans that I cooked in the slow cooker, I put half in the fridge for falafel patties and half I dehydrated with salt, smoked paprika and garlic powder. They are crunchy and very tasty! I got the rolls and pie done and I’ll do the rest tomorrow.

Dehhdrated carrots from 1999

Dehhdrated carrots from 1999


Dehydrated carrots

Dehydrated carrots



Day Twenty-Six

Removed garbanzos from slow cooker and drained well.
Placed half of the coked garbanzo beans in the fridge for falafels
Placed the other half onto dehydrator sheets and sprinkled with salt, smoked paprika and garlic power.
Dehydrated garbanzo beans at 115 for 24 hours
Milled wheat berries into whole wheat flour
Made whole wheat Challah rolls
Made 4 whole wheat pie crusts
Made a Chocolate Pecan (I used almond) Pie *Elana’s Pantry
Made a whole wheat white sauce (non-dairy) for Chicken Pot Pie
Made a 9 x 13 Chicken Pot Pie with leftover chicken and veggies from storage
Removed apple juice from freezer


Almond milk cocoa
Rolls and butter

Chicken Pot Pie
Hot tea
Leftover beef pizza

Chicken Pot Pie
Hot tea

While I am very glad this month is almost over, as I wrote above, this journey is not over, in fact, it has escalated due to additional medical expenses. I plan to keep blogging about what we are adding back and how we still intend to eat from storage to handle this debt. Stay tuned!


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