No-Shopping November Day Twenty-Two

Day Twenty-two and counting. I’m not as desperate for this to be over as I thought I would be at this point. I’m still finding this effort to be creative and stimulating to me. I cannot say my family feels the same, but they have definitely been supportive and helpful. No whining, no complaining and very complimentary of the meals I’ve served. They haven’t even balked when eating leftovers several days in a row. They have not even complained about the lack of their organic corn chips, which they love. It’s great to have everyone on board.

If you missed the previous posts in this series, you can catch up here. The oldest posts are on the bottom, newest on top. You’ll find all the recipes for No-Shopping November on this page.

Today was a laid-back day, we celebrate Sabbath from Friday night to Saturday night and I cook and bake extra on Friday and don’t cook and bake on Saturday. Our menu reflects that. Remember, everything is homemade.



Day Twenty-Two


Baked Oatmeal
Cashew milk
Almond milk cocoa

Matzah ball soup
Pasta Beef Stuff

Matzah ball soup
Pasta Beef Stuff
Oatmeal cookies


We just got a call from my brother and his family who are up for the holidays and want to come and visit the day before Thanksgiving. I am SO excited and of course I want to make something nice for them. I’m thinking gluten-free, low-carb from one of my favorite books “The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking” by Peter Reinhart and Denene Wallace. Very low carb and sugar free for my brother, delicious and satisfying for the rest of us! Win, win!
You can read my review of the book here.

Also, I’m working on the big Thanksgiving meal from our food storage, other than the fresh organic turkey which we will pick up Monday, brine on Tuesday and roast on Wednesday and make gravy and stock.

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