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Fine coffee comes from fine coffee beans. However, once the beans are ground, changes can take place that alters the flavor and acidity of the coffee.

Thus the wisdom from coffee experts is to buy and store roasted coffee beans (or even grow and/ or roast them yourself!) and grind the beans just prior to making the coffee. Doing this will produce a smoother, richer coffee with no bitterness or unwanted acidity and will ensure the freshest coffee taste.COFFEE MILL 600

Kyocera ceramic coffee grinder

There are many coffee mills on the market, but for our purposes, we chose a manual (non-electric) ceramic burr coffee grinder with adjustable fineness controls from very coarse to very fine, the Kyocera ceramic coffee grinder.

Ceramic is our choice for the burrs of the coffee grinder. The top (hopper) is made of plastic and the bottom receptacle is made of glass. The glass bottom comes with a rubber sleeve to keep it from sliding during the grinding process. An added benefit, the top (hopper and burrs) fit nicely on a regular-size mouth canning jar, so there is no need to ever replace the glass bottom should it break, simply move the top to a canning jar (regular mouth) of your choice in size.

While the manual coffee mill has some definite advantages for our purposes, this model has some definite drawbacks.


Manual mill, no electricity needed
Ceramic burrs
Easy to use as long as you don’t mind grinding long enough to produce what you need for your pot of coffee
Glass bottom – you can see how much ground coffee you have
Rubber sleeve on the bottom – helps to secure the mill while grinding and provide added protection for the glass
Hopper and mill fit on top of a regular mouth canning jar
Adjustable grind for all fineness. Works well for coarse grinds for French press
Reasonable price
Small enough to pack for camping or in bug-out bags or store


Can take quite a bit of time and effort to grind enough for several cups of coffee, depending on the fineness of grind
Can be inconsistent grind on more coarse settings
No markings on the fineness adjustments
Glass bottom can break
Plastic upper (hopper) and surrounding the burrs


Conclusion: The mill works well with the above considerations in mind, however, it is obviously not for everyone. We had no problem with the coarse grind for use with the French Press although the finer grinds did require a bit more effort and time. The Kyocera ceramic coffee grinder worked as advertised and without problem. Recommended.



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