Review: Easy Sprout Sprouter

What is sprouting and why should we do it?

Sprouting is the act of allowing your seeds (grain or legume) to grow (germinate) without soil to be used as fresh food. This germination accomplishes so many important things, but a few highlights are:

1) the sprouted seed becomes a nutrition powerhouse and a superfood. Read about Vitamins in Sprouts at

2) in an extremely short time (2-4 days), you can obtain fresh, green superfood, any season, all year long. Read about The Science of Sprout Nutrition at

3) for less than pennies per serving, seeds for sprouting provide a health-supporting, immune-boosting food that can be an important part of any real food preparedness plan. Read about the shelf-life of seeds for sprouting at

As you can probably tell, Sprout People is one of my favorite sprouting sites and I hope you spend some time there reading about the whys and how-tos of creating your own fresh sprouts!

Video of the Easy Sprout

Review: Easy Sprout sprouter

Easy Sprout

Touted as the easiest sprouting system (or “sprouting for dummies”), the Easy Sprout sprouter is a simple yet effective design that affords excellent drainage and air flow.

Simple to set up and start sprouting, the Easy Sprout comes all you need to sprout at home or while traveling.

Made with BPA-free, non-leaching and Kosher materials.

Dimensions: 7 inches tall, 3 1/2 inches on the bottom, 4 1/2 inches on the top and 1 liter capacity.


The Easy Sprout was indeed, ridiculously simple and easy to use and our sprouts were well-drained and had excellent air circulation.

We tested several different-sized seeds and beans and all worked well with the Easy Sprout.
Conclusion: We were extremely pleased at how well the Easy Sprout performed.

Highly recommended. Get several!

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