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Clean, safe drinking water is essential for life and survival, whether in every day life or in any type of emergency. The first and most survival need is water safe enough to drink. Dehydration can occur very quickly from working outside in the sun, to hiking and of course a disruption of water services. In the case of storms, floods or other natural disasters, water supplies can become contaminated.

Even in our homes, our water supplies can become contaminated or not accessible, When our electric well pump shorted and we could not access our well water, we had to find an alternative water source. When we lived on a municipal water system, we experienced contamination of the supply where we had to purchase outside bottled water until the system was cleansed and proven to be safe. This can happen without warning or over a period of time during heavy rains or floods. However it happens, losing the main water source can be a challenge unless you plan ahead.


For every family, clean water in storage plus water filters will help insure a supply of water in case of any type of disruption or water needs. One of these types of water filters we consider important are the lightweight, compact portable filters that can be carried in backpacks so any flowing water source can be made into safe drinking water quickly.


The PurifiCup is an exciting answer to the water question, it is portable, compact and efficient. The PurifiCup is available in two types; one is for home tap water and one is for natural water such as well, springs and other sources.

This review was done using the PurifiCup for natural water (green).

The features of the PurifiCup that interest me the most is the 3-stage filtering process:

  • Ion exchange resin: Turn hard water into soft water by removing heavy metals (lead, copper, cadmium, mercury, etc.) and calcareous (magnesium, calcium) ions.

  • Activated carbon: Remove chlorine and other organic odor including THM, organic solvents, and pesticides.

  • Silver membrane:  The membrane eliminates 99.99% of the pathogens in natural water sources such as streams, falls, creeks, and rivers.  It is located on the inlet and exit of the filter circulation channel, preventing the filter cartridge from contamination. + Absolute 1 micron filter for additional layer of protection against bacteria.

Other advantages are its compact carrying size, easy setup and use and fast filtering making it a great choice for hiking, camping or any need where an outside water source is necessary.

3-stage filtering, including nanosilver membrane  (See info on the silver here)
Disinfects up to 99% of natural water pathogens, bacteria and parasites   PurifiCup 2
Compact, lightweight, great for backpacks and bags
Will fit on top of water bottles for convenient direct filtering
Replaceable filter inserts
Reasonably priced (approximately $50  and $15 for replacements)
Filters up to 12 gallons
Filters quickly
Self-contained unit

Because the PurifiCup is designed to be compact, to get a larger amount of filtered water or for a group,  filter directly into a larger water bottle, or have several filters.

The PurifiCup’s filter is an absolute 1 micron, however, with the other two filter layers including the nanosilver membrane, the PurifiCup produces impressive filtering specs.

Recommended for extra protection and water provision for every day traveling, camping, hiking and for emergency uses. We will stock each person’s bag with one, plus a replacement filter.

Natural Water Filter (Green)


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