Review: Rice Rinsing Bowl

Rice is a staple in many countries and ethnic dishes. There are many varieties of rice and just as many ways to cook rice. We love rice, but we don’t love sticky, clumpy, starchy rice. Cooked rice that is firm and sports separated grains is the end product we seek for rice’s many applications from eating as is, with sauces, fried, making into balls, casseroles to sweet dishes.

To achieve firm separate grains in cooked rice, I wash away the rice’s starch before cooking. At first, I used a simple steel fine mesh strainer and a bowl, but while that worked, it was a bit of a hand-juggling act and lost some rice down the drain.


Using the “Rice Washing Bowl with Side and Bottom Drainers” the process was streamlined, less awkward and bulky, easy one-handed operation and I didn’t lose any rice! If you make a lot of rice as we do, you want the best tasting, best textured rice you can have. And you want the prep to be simple and fast. At least I do. The Rice Washing Bowl filled the need at a very inexpensive price to boot.

Made in Japan, the bowl has openings in the bottom and side which makes it easier to swish and drain rice as well as other grains, such as quinoa.

Dimensions:  9 x 9 x 4 1/2 inches (high) and round in shape. The bowl is stamped “Made in Japan.”

Testing: Works easily and as advertised.

Conclusion: Recommended for cold water only and not for use with hot products or heated.


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