Review: Spiral vegetable slicer

Noodles out of zucchini? Why, yes! I’ve written about my beloved “zoodles” many times, here for example.

The tool of choice for my zoodles is this manual, spiral vegetable slicer. (No, I am not an affiliate, nor do I receive any compensation. This is the one I actually purchased, use and love!)


The simplicity of this design, combined with the unexpected sturdiness provide smooth spiral slicing of any firm veggie or fruit that fits. Removable blades with different thicknesses and design are included. This spiral slicer is easy to use and easy to clean which are both very important to me for any tool in my kitchen.

Added features which put this one above all the rest include: rubber suction cup feet which adhere to the counter, making the slicing even easier. Also, extra blades are neatly stored in the side of the slicer, always available and no need for separate storage (another big plus for me!)

I have used this spiral slicer on:
zucchini, summer squash, patty pan squash, eggplant, cucumbers, onions, large carrots, apples, potatoes, sweet potato, even rutabaga!


Spirooli 2

Spirooli 3Spirooli 5Spirooli 6






Food MUST be firm. If it is not, the grabber will not hold on to the food or slice.

Cut off each end to leave a flat surface to attach to the slicer.

The slicer will leave a small “core” and flat end piece, simply dice that up and add to the sliced portions.

The blades are VERY sharp!

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 6 inches
Weight: Approximately 1 pound
Materials: Plastic with steel blades
Included: 3 cutting blades

Lightweight, portable
Simple design, works efficiently
Easy to clean
Rubber suction cups anchor slicer to surface
3 slicing / cutting blades
Extra blades store on-board
Will cut a variety of foods
Will handle long foods, such as zucchini
Non-electric tool, great for camping, emergencies and saving money

Plastic body and parts
Food must be firm for slicer to engage
Will not do very small items, such as small carrots well

Conclusion: Highly recommended

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