Automatic Soy Milk Makers V – SoyQuick

SoyQuick Automatic Soy Milk Maker

  • 800 watts
  • Weight: 4 pounds 14 ounces
  • Height: 14 inches, including top handle
  • Canister (inner and outer): Stainless steel. Plastic handle on the outside
  • Filter basket: Stainless steel mesh
  • Machine head outer: Plastic with electronic controls and feeding window and top handle
  • Machine head components in contact with the liquid: Stainless steel
  • Yield: 6 cups liquid
  • Safety shut-off switch
  • U.L. certified

The SoyQuick manual is very detailed and easy to understand for the first-time (or seasoned) soymilk chef. I appreciate the attention to detail and clear instructions, as well as helpful pictures in the SoyQuick user manual.

The Customer Service of the SoyQuick company (Kitchen’s Best Manufacturing Group) has been excellent, and I have heard similar praise reports from other SoyQuick customers. This is a very important aspect of dealing with a company: whether they are available by phone (toll-free is appreciated) for questions or problems; how willing the company is to assist the buyer (even after the sale); and how well they honor any warranties or service issues. I am pleased to say that my personal experience and the experience of people I have referred to the SoyQuick company has been that we are very satisfied with the Customer Service for the SoyQuick machine.

SoyQuick Advantages:

  • Materials that come in contact with the beverages are quality stainless steel
  • Filter basket mesh is finely woven and they effectively filter the fibers from the liquid, eliminating the need for additional straining, unless desired
  • Steel canister has pouring spout and has a rolled top, making pouring less messy
  • The steel canister’s one-piece construction prevents the soymilk from dripping in between the layer of plastic and steel
  • Control pad is programmable for custom cycles and additional options
  • Feeding window is an option for adding beans/grains
  • Cycle length is fast — approximately 16 minutes
  • U.L. listed
  • Includes an added safety shut-off switch
  • Includes a free tofu box and coagulator with online orders
  • Detailed, informative user manual
  • Excellent Customer Service, even after the sale
  • Toll-free ordering and Customer Service

SoyQuick Disadvantages:

  • The machine head and the filter basket do not stand up. They must be propped up after being removed from the machine. I lay mine in a large stainless bowl.
  • The steel outer surface of the machine gets hot to the touch during operation.

Overall conclusion:

The SoyQuick works easily, quickly and produces excellent non-dairy beverages. The SoyQuick is an excellent, well-made soymilk maker and consistently performs well as advertised. Safety is important to me, so I usually choose to buy products that are U.L. listed and include added safety features, whenever possible. The SoyQuick is U.L. listed and includes an added safety shut-off switch designed to halt operation should the machine head become unseated. The manual instructions are detailed and very helpful, the machine works easily, quickly and produces excellent non-dairy beverages. The company is friendly and available via phone, fax or email and they are very willing to help the customer, even after the sale. The tofu kit and coagulator included in my order worked easily and produced a mild, delicious tofu.
I use this machine regularly in my kitchen and recommend it highly.

For recipes using the SoyQuick, please visit Soy Milk and Okara Recipes.

SoyQuick Automatic Soymilk Maker
Kitchen’s Best Manufacturing Group, Ltd.
PO Box 3944
Vancouver BC V6B-3Z4

Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PT
Call Toll Free: 1-888-769-5433
Telephone: (250) 716-0003
Facsimile: (250) 716-0390
Customer Service, Information and Inquires:

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