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Bagels. Yum. Those round, dense, chewy, tasty bites of history now grace the plates of people from all over the world. Toasted or not, slathered with cream cheese, lox and whitefish, or topped with pizza or sandwich fixin’s…bagels are mainstream! McDonald’s even has had Breakfast Bagel sandwiches filled with egg and cheese.

I literally cut my teeth on bagels, as many kids did. Every Sunday as far back as I can remember, our family shared bags and bags of fresh, warm bagels on our breakfast / lunch table along with vast amounts of the best lox, whitefish, tomatoes, onions and of course, cream cheese. Bagels have been a part of our family’s daily menu as well, for a quick breakfast, or a late-night snack or something in-between, bagels rock!

You can buy bagels fresh, frozen, whole-grain, egg, blueberry, and all the way up to the “Everything” bagel. Best of all, you can make them at home for your family (See my recipe for homemade 100% whole-grain bagels.)

One thing that bagel-lovers share, no matter what their ethnic background, is the danger while cutting those sometimes-slippery rounds of deliciousness. Over the years, we have seen several different types of safety bagel cutters on the market. Remember the old plastic clamshell-type cutter (circa 1960-70’s)? Didn’t work so hot because they only worked (somewhat) on the small grocery-store type of bagels, but even then, it was a dangerous operation for fingers and bagels alike. It also did not accommodate the uneven, large shape of the handmade or homemade bagels. Similar problems exist with the bagel slicers available today, injuries can occur.

According to The American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT), bagel-cutting injuries are a serious problem. Here’s an excerpt from their information regarding what they refer to as “Bagel-Hand.” (I’m not kidding, take a look for yourself!)

Bagel hand
Ask many doctors and hand therapists what they believe to be the most dangerous food for possible injury during preparation or serving – and many will say bagels! Thousands of people each year end up in the emergency room from slicing more than just their bagels. According to the Department of Emergency Services at George Washington Hospital in Washington, D.C., the most under-reported injury is hand cuts from slicing bagels. Some emergency rooms have even started calling the ligament and tendon damage “bagel hand.” Many of these injuries are so severe they require surgery and months of hand therapy to regain normal movement and function.

Use a bagel slicer instead of a knife,” says ASHT President Christine Muhleman, OTR, CHT.

Good advice!

I have FINALLY found a wonderfully versatile, truly safe, bagel cutter in the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer. THIS is the one I would let my children use. When I was asked to review this product I had no idea what it would look like and given my past experiences with awkward, ineffective and dangerous bagel cutters, slicers and guillotines, I was hopeful for the elusive safe bagel-cutting utensil for my whole family.

When I opened the box and saw the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer, my first reaction was “Now that is adorable!” But the fun really set in when I used it. Ingeniously simple, the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer works and works well with no nicked fingers, no cut hands, no mangled or mooshed bagels and no slippage.

In Product Testing, the only bagel slicer that passed our tests for safety and efficiency is the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer. This is the only one we can recommend for the whole family.

Photo: Brooklyn Bagel Slicer

Advantages of the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer are many. They include the fact it is well-made and sturdy, but lightweight and easy to use, even for a child. The design keeps the cutting blade away from the edge of the cutter so the fingers and hand do not come in contact with the blade. Additional advantages include NSF® certified, dishwasher-safe and easy to store. A BIG plus is that the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer is made in the U.S.A. and developed by a physician for safety. The stainless steel serrated knife blade makes short work of cutting through a bagel or bialy and uneven-shaped objects. The best thing is that you can use this on homemade, 100% whole-grain bagels (which other cutters, slicers and guillotines cannot handle well).

I recommend this product highly and suggest buying several! They make great gifts for your bagel-loving family and friends.

Come and watch the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer in action:
Brooklyn Bagel Slicer video 1
Brooklyn Bagel Slicer video 2
Brooklyn Bagel Slicer video 3

The Brooklyn Bagel Slicer is available from your local kitchen stores in the Charlotte area and online from:

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