Ableskivers! Woo Hoo!

Time to be honest… have you been eying those “Pancake Puff” pans on TV and all the delicious puffs you could make with it? You’re not alone! (See the wonder of marketing? LOL!)

Unfortunately, the pan offered on television is not the best quality and it’s covered in non-stick coating (which I don’t consider safe or healthy).

Fortunately, what this company did, was market an OLD, wonderful traditional Danish delicacy called AEBLESKIVERS. These are light, fluffy pancake balls made in an aebleskiver pan. The best aebleskiver pans are heavy duty cast iron, without any non-stick coating. So, don’t give in to the marketing! Get thyself a GOOD QUALITY, well-made aebleskiver pan and start making these addictive, delectable little morsels!

I did some product review comparisons and I chose the Lodge Pro Logic Ableskiver pan. I am very happy with the pan, how well-made it is, how well it works and VERY importantly, it is MADE IN THE USA!!! (Most other pans are made in China.)

Here are some pictures from today’s aebleskiver session.

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