Review: SoyaJoy G4

Nut milks, grain milks, bean and seed milks are not only delicious, they are also extremely nutritious and versatile. Especially helpful for those with dairy sensitivities, alternatives to dairy milks can be used for drinking, cooking, baking, smoothies and even making yogurt and cheese.

Purchasing store-bought non-dairy milks can be cost prohibitive, but even more concerning is that some brands add thickeners, preservatives, flavorings and sweeteners which can be troublesome and unwanted. Lastly, in the spirit of sufficiency,what happens when you run out of non-dairy milk? The best answer to these issues is to make the non-dairy milks at home.

There are several ways to make nut, bean, grain or seed milks such as cooking in a pot, draining in cheesecloth, using a high-powered blender or an automatic milk maker.

The automatic milk maker is by far the simplest, easiest (hands-off), and efficient method I have tested. The automatic milk maker with the most options, ease of use, user-friendliness and ease of cleanup is the 2013 model, SoyaJoy G4.

For 14 years, SoyaJoy has introduced automatic milk makers, revamping and improving the design with each model release. The 2013 G4 is the very best in efficiency and usage with added features and operations.

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What’s new in the G4 

  •  The G4 adds stainless steel to the lower part of the machine head, and thus makes the total griding and cooking chamber all stainless steel.
  • The G4 changed to bottom heating like a typical electric water kettle. Since soy milk or soups are easily burnt onto bottom heating plate, many other bottom heating makers suffer from this problem. The G4 solved this problem. (see Features)
  • The Perfect Grind™ technology ensures excellent grinding and milk yields. It also makes the use and cleaning even easier.
  • Five one-button functions, for making milks from soaked beans, dry beans, and other seeds and grains or combination of them. It also makes soups and porridge.
  • Added a “Keep Warm” function.


Dimensions: 10 x 6.8 x 7 inches
Weight: 6.5 pounds
Shipping weight: 8 pounds
Capacity: 1.7 quarts
Peak watts: 850

Entire grinding and cooking chamber is stainless steel
No filter
Larger capacity of 1.7 quarts
Easiest operation – add materials and water directly to stainless canister, press  one button start
5 one-button pre-programmed cycles
(Soaked Beans, Dry Beans, Raw Juice, Grains, Porridge)
Cold cycle for truly raw milks and juice
Water level sensor
Overflow sensor
Keep warm function
1 year warranty



How to use the SoyaJoy G4
Add pure water to stainless steel canister to pre-marked water level
Add in soaked beans or other materials (can use unsoaked beans or nuts, but
soaked produces a better and more nutritious milk)
Place G4 head onto canister
Plug in machine
Press one button (choose your cycle – Soaked Beans, Dry Beans, Raw Juice,
Grains or Porridge
Machine beeps when cycle is completed
Pour milk into a clean container (strain if desired), flavor and chill
Clean machine


Testing and Summary:
The SoyaJoy G4 performed well for each of the tests and with a variety of material following instructions and recipes found in the instruction manual. The products made were superb. Cleaning the machine was remarkably fast and easy. The SoyaJoy G4 was used heavily and in several batches After testing and reviewing  different automatic milk makers for approximately 14 years (see my reviews in this category), I can state that the 2013 SoyaJoy G4 is the best, easiest, most efficient automatic milk maker and I highly recommend this product and use it in my own kitchen.


Highly recommended


For more information and recipes:
Sanlinx Inc.
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SoyaJoy G4 at
Sanlinx storefront on
Sanlinx Inc., 965 EPCO Dr., Dandridge, TN 37725



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